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Blanco Plumbing History

From Doing Business in a Hut to Manufacturer of Premier Plumbing Fixtures: The Rise of Blanco
For over eighty years, Blanco has been working hard to provide their huge customer following with well-made and durable products. From its rudimentary beginnings inside its first production facility (that consisted of two make-shift wooden huts) in Oberderdingen, Germany, Blanco founder Heinrich Blanc believed that hard work and innovative design were the formula for success. Blanco started out making tin-plated copper water troughs that were used in coal-fired ovens. Within two years, the original Blanco (then called Blanc & Co) had moved into their first real factory building and have since ascended to international fame for their beautiful plumbing fixtures and supplies.

40 Million Sinks and Counting
During its rise to glory, Blanco produced a myriad of products before finding its niche in domestic sinks and fixtures, including the aforementioned water troughs, as well as copper warming bottles, boilers, ladles, large inner kettles for ovens, milk churns for the dairy industry, equipment for butchers, canteens, and propane gas bottles. It wasn't until 1951 that Blanco's defining moment arrived when it began the production of stainless steel sinks and sink unit covers. By 1954, Blanco was producing 4000 stainless steel sinks each year; by 1963, Blanco had produced one million sinks and by 1965 was building 2200 sinks per day in its factories. That number had tripled in two more years, and continued growing until in 2006, the 40 millionth Blanco sink rolled off the assembly line, representing an amazing growth for this now huge company with such humble beginnings. From its milestone of employing 100 people in 1934, Blanco now has thousands of employees scattered across the globe.

Award-Winning Blanco Racks Up Honors
Along the way, Blanco has picked up numerous awards, including the 2004 If Design Award, the Chicago Athenaeum Design Award, and Vendor of the Year by Home Depot Canada. Blanco also received awards for exemplary environmental protection from the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and for having an ethical approach to business.

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