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Filter Faucets & Water Dispensers

Filter faucets are easy to install and can provide your family with a money-saving and environmentally-friendly option for obtaining pure drinking water. Filter faucets remove such pollutants as lead, pesticides, sediment, chlorine and other pathogens that end up in your family's drinking water – from both public water sources and well water – that can lead to illness. The filter faucets that we stock at Faucet Depot can also remove the odors that you might ordinarily detect in your drinking water – such as chlorine. If your family is looking to "go green", a filter faucet can help you achieve environmentally sound goals by eliminating the need to purchase bottled water. According to the Container Recycling Institute, around 40 million water bottles a day are thrown away or end up as roadside or other litter. A filter faucet provides water that is oftentimes even purer than water sold commercially in prepackaged plastic bottles – which makes installing a filter faucet in your family's home now a smart idea that can save you money and keep tons of bottles out of the overburdened landfill.

Top Brands for Filter Faucets

Filtering your water at home (right from the tap) has never been easier than with a filter faucet. Faucet Depot stocks the top brands in the plumbing industry like Moen, Kohler and Trim by Design because we want your family to have the very best, for less. These manufacturers have a proven track record of building the most dependable and long-lasting filter faucets on the market – which means that the filter faucets we sell will last for many years with very little maintenance.

Moen Stainless Kitchen Sinks
Franke Stainless Kitchen Sinks
Everpure Filter Faucets
Trim by Design Filtered Water Dispensers

Your family is your top priority - and as a homeowner, you can take steps to ensure the quality of your family's drinking water by installing a handy filter faucet. Filter faucets are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the money you'll save over buying filtered or bottled water.

Everpure EV9970-66-F
Moen Aquasuite 85800
Westbrass D203-07
Westbrass D2036-20
Trim By Design TBD120.26
DuPont WFFT110W
Moen 77200
Everpure EV9970-56