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American Standard

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American Standard History
An American company that has been around for over 130 years is an unusual thing, to be sure. However, American Standard just keeps going, year after year, defying the odds and making plumbing history.

American Standard Beginnings
In 1875, American Standard started out as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. A merger with some small plumbing companies in 1899 made Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company one of the largest in America. This gave them the resources to break new ground in the world of plumbing. Things we take for granted today were created by American Sanitary; the tempered faucet (one spout rather than two), our modern ‘built-in’ tub, and the one-piece toilet.

Their work with brass fittings also led to the corrosion free, tarnish free brass finishes that make brass so user friendly in plumbing applications today.

In 1929, being the largest bathroom fixture manufacturer in the world, American Sanitary merged with the American Radiator Company. In 1967, the corporation changed their name from American Radiator and American Sanitary Corporation to American Standard. And from there, they continued to work diligently to provide their customers with modern advances in plumbing.

American Standard can be found in 60% of American homes today. Their strong traditions have also led them to be used in a myriad of commercial applications as well. With an expansive line of both kitchen and bath fixtures American Standard continues to blaze the trail in the plumbing business.

Number one in toilets across America and also number one in general bathroom fixtures in Canada, American Standard also maintains a number two position in America for bathroom fixture sales. From walk-in tubs to china fixtures and cast iron sinks, American Standard sells kitchen and bath fixtures in retail and wholesale outlets worldwide.

Both bathroom and kitchen fixtures, in an extensive array of categories, are the reason American Standard is an industry leader. Their lines of toilets, bathroom fixtures, vanitiessinks and showheads are a force to be reckoned with, with a number of lines being sold worldwide.

Their full line of bathroom fixtures include both residential and commercial products. From commercial toilets, urinals, and electronic faucets to flush valves, drains, and accessories, not to mention showers, tubs and whirlpools. American Standard has your bathroom needs covered with close to 50 different collections. A truly unique line of bathroom faucets will give you inspiration for the rest of your bathroom. If they do not have the faucet you are looking for, it may not exist. After all, they were the company that came up with the combination faucet.

Kitchen faucets and sinks, for commercial and residential applications, are available through their many collections. American Standard also offers an inventive assembly of kitchen accessories including soap dispensers, combination cutting board/colanders, and specialized cutting boards. They can outfit a kitchen with style and function that none can compare.

Efficiency is another key part of the American Standard vision. Creating water saving fixtures is an important facet of their product conception. Toilets that out perform with less than half the water consumption is an outstanding accomplishment, and American Standard will not stop there. They have faucets and shower heads with comparable outcomes. Is it any wonder that they lasted so long?