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Thermasol History
ThermaSol was established in 1958 by Mr. David Altman. Mr. Altman installed, built, and designed the very first mini electric steam bath designed exclusively for residential use. The word circulated and spread out tardily among the affluent families in the surrounding area regarding this original state of the art home amenity but getting this particular product to the general masses was the real "how to" challenge of the company at that time.

It wasn't until 1971, when David Altman's son, Murray Altman, successfully took over the operations of ThermaSol. He, in addition to gaining complete control of the company, was also given the task on how to get the mini electric steam bath to the general public. Mr. Murray Altman deduced that the hotel industry would be the most logical place to present the steam bath to the American traveler in a down to earth comfortable background. Murray Altman had his company install The ThermaSol Steam suites in thousands of motels and hotels across the United States in an attempt to bring out and serve the demands of the tired business and leisurely traveler.

The ThermaSol name and their conception of an in shower steam bath was beginning to "boil over!"

It was in 1977, that ThermaSol had to move to a 100,000+ square foot facility out in Sylmar, California, where there had enough room to add whirlpool bathtubs to their ThermaSol’s steam bath products. ThermaSol’s "one-piece" piping arrangement, aeration jet and deep soak design, and the world’s 1st automatic cleaning bathing tub were state of the art and have led the whirlpool manufacture industry with their one of a kind benefits and features.

Mr. Murray Altman’s tenure was satiated with the current growth of both the whirlpool and steam bath industries. In 1989, it was Murray's son, Mitch Altman to take charge of this pioneering company.

Mr. Mitch Altman has been employed at ThermaSol since he was ten years old. During the summer months, Mitch Altman would assist in the building of the generators on the assembly line. During his high school and collegiate years, Mitch served the manufacturing operations faculty with assorted production planning events as well as the numerous clerical duties. Finally in 1989, after years of experience in every unique job at ThermaSol, Mitch Altman thirstily went for the chance to control the reins and continue on with the family business.

Today, the ThermaSol company is acknowledged as the global leader in the steam bath industry; providing the most luxurious, finest, and groundbreaking products for spas, resorts, homes, hotels, and health clubs.