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Pullout Faucets
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Sloan Optima Electronic Faucet Sloan Electronic Faucets Offer Hands Free Operation

Whether for commercial or home use, a Sloan Electronic Faucet protects family, friends, workers and visitors from harmful bacteria and viruses that can be left on traditional hand-opened faucets. Each model has a sensor that recognizes that someone needs water and the faucet opens. When the person washing their hands removes them from in front of the faucet, it automatically shuts off. It is virtually a hands-free operation.

We sell units that are operated by battery and others that can use electricity. Battery powered faucets have displays that indicate when the batteries are getting low. Units are available in a goose-neck style - such as you may see in a doctor's office, or a low-profile style that can be used both at home and commercially.

Each selection will have its own spout reach and spout height. Since they are single faucet heads, water temperature can be set for comfort and terms of use. Many come with vandal resistant spray heads and all of the models are available in chrome or chrome-finish. You can purchase units that are ADA compliant.