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Alsons introduced its handheld shower system back in 1958, and in the half a century since, Alsons has continued to revolutionize the way Americans bathe! Alsons today is a company that builds hundreds of exceptional products to choose from. Remodelers, builders, and designers can choose from handheld shower heads and shower systems in a vast array of functions, finishes, and styles that allow them to personalize their bath.

You will find Alson’s wide variety of showerheads, showers, and showers systems are easy to install, which makes them always popular even among those homeowners with little or no DIY skills. And homeowners and installers can select individually packaged units for custom installation – including all of the colors, styles, accessories, and mounting options that might be needed for any need in the shower.

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Stylish on the outside, Revolutionary on the inside.
Fluidics technology makes your water feel more powerful!

Enjoy revolutionary functionality built in to every Alson’s product along with a beautiful look with every shower Alson’s sells. Your water will feel more powerful than ever with Fluidics technology!

One of the leading uses of water within the home is showering. Showering accounts for around 17 percent of all residential water consumption in the home. Around thirty gallons of water each day are spent by everyone who showers. That amounts to around 1.2 trillion gallons of water in the U.S. each year. The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) partnership program – WaterSense – was launched to help the average consumer to identify water-efficient, high performance showerheads that can help them to reduce the amount of water and energy that they use in the home, thus preserving the water resources of the nation.

Showered in Savings
On average, most households can save around 2,300 gallons of water annually just by installing a high efficiency showerhead. Water savings will also reduce the load on your water heater, so you will save energy, as well, when you install a water efficient shower system or shower head. If every household could conserve 300 KW each year, that would be enough electricity saved to power your television for the same time period. If every household in the country installed this type of showerhead, the country would save around $1.5 billion dollars on water utilities and around 250 billion gallons of water, each and every year. Moreover, the savings for heating water would amount to $2.5 billion dollars each year. Wow!

It Makes Good Sense to Look for the WaterSense Label!
If you find a product that bears the WaterSense label, you can rest assured that this product meets the criteria for performance and efficiency that has been set out by the EPA’s WaterSense program. These products have been independently certified and tested. Showerheads, showers, and shower systems that have earned this distinction will demonstrate the ability to provide you with a satisfying shower experience while being water efficient. WaterSense specifications for showerheads require that the maximum flow rate is 2.0 gpm (gallons per minute) with a flow pressure of 80 psi (pounds per square inch). This means that you do not have to sacrifice performance for water efficiency.
Delta Classic In2ition Hand Shower Stainless

Alsons Innovations
Alsons In2ition, which is now owned by Delta Faucet Company, feature a combination of a four or five-spray massaging handheld shower systems and a fixed showerhead with an extra wide spray head. The hand shower in this system slips simply into place and is easy to remove. This unique and highly decorative shower system affords the homeowner the option of using either the hand shower of the showerhead either together or separately. This provides a luxurious, full body showering experience.

The integral three way diverter and easy to turn lever on the In2ition showerhead makes it different. With this system you can redirect water from a fixed showerhead to the handheld shower, or you can use both at the same time. There are two massaging options and a champagne aerated spray on the hand shower. Some In2ition models also include a dial control for maximum versatility and comfort and a soft, ergonomic non-slip grip handle.

In2ition Showerheads:

Delta 58065RB Classic In2ition - Venetian Bronze
Delta 58065 Classic In2ition - Chrome
Delta 58065SS Classic In2ition - Brilliance Stainless

Shop all In2ition Showerheads.

Alsons Luxury Showerheads
Showering in luxury has never been simpler than when choosing a showerhead from Alsons elegant collection of luxury showerheads that offer style and lavish features.
Sophistication and innovation are coupled with unrivaled luxury in Alsons collection of showerheads.

Innovation with Fluidics Technology
Alsons makes it possible to save both water and energy without giving up any of the luxurious qualities that you enjoy in the shower. With Fluidics technology, the dream of a water saving shower that you want to climb into becomes a reality. The unique Alsons water amplifying showerhead design works to create a warmer, even more luxurious spray than what you experience with a standard water wasting showerhead. What’s more, showerheads built with Fluidics technology are gentler and friendlier for the environment – and your pocketbook! Patented technology is built into the spray and controls the velocity and shape of the water, allowing for larger water droplets that stay warmer, longer. This makes Alsons full body sprays feel just as a high velocity shower while using less energy for heating the water and less water overall, even with low water pressure. The attractive classic design is complementary to any décor theme or scheme in the bathroom and lends a touch of class and sophistication to any space.
Easy Installation
All of Alsons products come with simple and easy to understand installation instructions. And if you run into a problem, you can invariably call Faucet Depot and ask for help! Our phones are manned by real people, not computers, and making customers happy is our number one priority. Shop Alsons now!
Alsons Innovations
Alsons Innovations
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1. Is there a flow restrictor in the shower, and how can I remove it?
The flow restrictor is required by federal code to limit the flow to 2.5 gallons per minute. The flow restrictor is located in the hose connection at the end of the handle. On shower heads it is located inside the shower arm connection.

2. What material is the shower made of—is it metal or plastic?
Some of Alsons shower heads are made of brass and some are plated plastic depending on model.

3.What are the flow rates of the shower heads?
2.5 gallons per minute for standard hand showers and shower heads and 1.75 - 2.5 gallons per minute (depending on model) for showers with Fluidics Spray Technology (Green Design).

4. Water is not coming out of the hand shower, it is spraying back from where the hose connects to the hand shower-why?

The hose is on backward. Disconnect the hose and turn it around and reconnect.

5. How does the lifetime warranty work? Keep your receipt and the model number.
If you have a problem with the product call Alsons for a replacement and in some instances we may ask for it to be returned to be inspected.

6. There were two washers in the package-where do these go?
One washer goes into each connection of the hose.

7. What other companies do your finishes match?
Alsons finishes match Delta Faucet.

8.Can a transfer valve be used in the wall?
It can be used in the wall if the wall is at least 6 inches deep.

9. I have a dual shower arm diverter and when I push the button to stop the water, it does not shut off all the way.
Federal code does not allow complete shut-off. Consequently, it is not made to shut the water off, only slow it to a trickle.

10. On my Universal Tub Spout water is coming out of the hole that is on the bottom of the spout-why?
There is not a good connection inside the spout. Take apart and add more Teflon tape.

11. On my Universal Tub Spout water is coming out of the gray threaded connection on the bottom-why?
The o-ring may be out of place that makes the seal. Return it to Alsons for an exchange.

12. What is Teflon tape, and do I need it, and where does it go?
Teflon tape is a sealing utility. It can be found in hardware stores and is in the plumbing dept. It should go right over top of the threads on the shower arm.

13. Do the shower heads/hand showers come apart so I can clean it?
They do not come apart. To clean the insides, soak the entire shower head in equal parts of white vinegar and water for at least 15 minutes.

14. It shows I have a pause feature on my shower head, but it isn't shutting the water off-why?
Federal code does not allow complete shut-off. Consequently, it is not made to shut the water off, only slow it to a trickle to help with shampoo/soap-up and conserve water.

15. Do you make any shower heads that shut off completely?
No, Alsons is not allowed to do that.

16. How do I get the water to go over to the hand shower head from the regular shower head?
I twisted the knob (on the diverter-4923PK) and nothing happened. To use BOTH the hand shower and the shower head at the same time - start at the lowest position. Turn the knob 1/4 turn counter-clock-wise, then pull up and lock into middle position.

17. I have a thermostatic valve, and it is not shutting the water off-why?
A thermostatic valve only controls the temperature. To turn the water on and off a volume control valve is needed.

18. I stuck my wall mount to the wall, and after a short time it fell off the wall. Why?
The wall must be prepared properly for the wall mount to stay on the wall. Clean the area well with alcohol or nail polish remover. Roughen the surface with steel wool, and stick to the wall. Do not put the hand shower in the holder for 24 hours.

19. On my hose the water is leaking from where the hose connects to the water supply when I shut the water off. The water is running down the hose-why?
There is a vacuum breaker in that end of the hose. It is draining the water from the hose rather than letting it go back down into your water supply.

20. I have an adjustable shower arm and it is leaking at the joints. I have looked for replacement washers, and am not able to find them. Can I get them from you?
Alsons offers replacement washers and will mail them out to you at no charge. E-mail Alsons at or call 800-421-0001 for assistance.

21. Does the push button shut the water off on the 462PBPK?
The push button does not shut the water off completely. It will slow it down to a trickle.

24. I have an incredible head, and when I push the button to shut the water off, it does not shut off-why?
This is not a positive shut off. It is going to reduce the flow to a trickle (see question 15).

25. I have a Pooh shower and the suction cup on the back of Pooh will not stick to the wall-can I fix that, or can you send me one?
We recommend that you hold the suction cup under very warm water and then reshape the suction cup and it should then stick to the wall.

26. Where in my area can I buy your products?
E-mail customer service at or call 800-421-0001 and we can give you information about our dealers in your area.

27. I have an In2ition shower and want to know if it comes in other colors?
See our product catalog on this website for more models and options.

28. On the In2ition will the water come out of just the hand shower, or the shower head?
The water will come out of both. The In2ition includes a three-way diverter that allows you to choose between Hand Shower spray, Shower Head spray or BOTH at the same time.

29. Can you send me a catalog of your products?
Yes, Please provide your name and address. E-mail us at or call 800-421-0001 for assistance.

30. Is this made in the USA?
Some of our products are made in the USA and some are made overseas following our designs and strict quality control.