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Brasstech is a manufacturer of high-quality, high-end designer products for the plumbing industry. Brasstech is located in Santa Ana, California, and has four main product lines, including plumbing trim by Brasstech; faucets, shower sets, and tub sets by Newport Brass; tub and shower sets from Plumbtrim; and lighting fixtures by Newport Brass. Brasstech’s manufacturing location spans more than 154,000 square feet. Founded back in 1987 by father and son team Geoffrey and Ross Escalette, Brasstech is now a subsidiary company of Masco Corporation.

Only high quality brass is used in the manufacture of products from Brasstech. Brasstech uses low-lead materials and products that meet the lead leach requirements of NSF 61, Section 9. Further, all products that require Universal Plumbing Code approval have been thoroughly ested and are listed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials or IAPMO – File Number 3152.

Brasstech Plumbing

Currently, Brasstech offers thirty different metal finishes across its many products. Brasstech finishes are applied in the painting and plating departments at Brasstech. Sixteen of these finishes are warranted for ten years while fourteen finishes (including forever brass PVD, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, stainless steel, and all powder-coated paint finishes) have a lifetime limited warranty.

Brasstech valves all carry a lifetime warranty. Brasstech uses ceramic disk-type valves in its products. Each and every spout and valve that Brasstech builds is water-tested.

Brasstech basket strainers.

Brasstech Basket Strainers
Brasstech manufactures a wide array of sink and kitchen basket strainers and drains to select from. The kitchen basket strainer works to hold water in the sink while you are washing dishes or soaking items in the sink, and the strainer prevents small debris, food scraps, and so on, from being washed down the drain when you allow water to exit the drain. A basket strainer is a part of the drain that can be removed while the body remains attached. Most commonly, the kitchen basket strainer will fit a standard 3.5 inch drain hole in most kitchen sinks. The drain output is connected to a 1.5 inch p-trap. While the operation and style of the kitchen basket strainer may differ, in the end the function is the same. Shop a wide variety of Brasstech kitchen basket strainers now at Faucet Depot. Shop Brasstech basket strainers at


Brasstech Water Dispensers

Brasstech Water Dispensers
From the contemporary to the traditional, you will find multiple options when shopping water dispensers by Brasstech. Brasstech’s water dispensers were built to coordinate with their kitchen faucets and can be purchased with an air gap if desired for those customers with an existing reverse osmosis system for filtering water. However, these dispensers cannot be used as a main faucet or bar faucet.

Brasstech water dispensers are available for cold water only, hot water only, or both cold and hot water dispensing. A reverse osmosis air gap can be used for cold-only water dispensing. If you are ordering a hot-only or a hot-and-cold water dispenser, then a hot water tank must also be purchased. Brasstech water dispensers were specifically designed around the concepts of reverse osmosis since reverse osmosis water has been known in some instances to be harmful to certain materials that are used in the manufacture of dispensers and faucets.

Brasstech Waste and Overflows
Brasstech Waste and Overflows
Brasstech Filtered Water Dispensers
Brasstech Filtered Water Dispensers
Brasstech Toilet Tissue Holders
Brasstech Toilet Tissue Holders
Brasstech Showerheads
Brasstech Showerheads

General instructions for cleaning and caring for your Brasstech faucets and bathroom fittings.

  • You can take pride in knowing that your Brasstech faucets, kitchen fittings, and bath fittings are made from solid brass that is of the highest quality. Maintaining the finish on your Brasstech product is a cinch, simply clean with a soft, somewhat damp cloth. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, detergents, or silver or brass polish, as these products might scratch and mar the surface of your Brasstech item.
  • Protect the finish of your Brasstech product with the application of a non-abrasive liquid wax to the surface of your clean product.
  • You can use Brass Pro-Tech (which is manufactured by Brasstech) on all different types of plates and decorative painted finishes. Just add a bit of Brass Pro-Tech to your soft cloth and apply. Allow the product to dry. Remove Brass Pro-Tech by gently rubbing it with a dry cloth. This product doesn’t contain any harsh abrasives.
  • The regular use of Brass Pro-Tech is highly advised for items that have a polished nickel, satin silver, satin nickel, and polished silver finish.
  • Avoid allowing minerals in the water, soap scum, or toothpaste to become built up on the finish of your bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings, or faucets. Eventually, this can cause the protective finish or coating to deteriorate and lessen the beauty of the item.
  • You can expect a natural change in color and some weathering with Brasstech Living Finishes and Uncoated Finishes (including 03W, 08W, 25S, 25, and 03N). Brasstech’s warranty does not cover Living Finishes and Uncoated Finishes. This change in color is not predictable and can vary.