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A Closer Look at Delta Faucets

The folks at Delta are committed to giving the consumer a “better way to experience water”.  This commitment is seen in Delta’s beautiful designs that are an incorporation of intelligent ideas and an astute anticipation and knowledge of what homeowners want and need.  The technologies that are seen in Delta’s products include and beloved by their wide customer base include:

  • Diamond Seal Technology:  Delta Faucets last for many, many years thanks to Diamond Seal technology that is found in valves that allow Delta Faucets to be good for around five million uses.  When you buy a Delta Faucet, you literally may never buy another in your lifetime. 

  • Magna Tite:  Delta’s faucets feature Magna Tite magnetic docking systems with a spray wand that will stay in place. 

  • Touch2o:  Messy hands? No problem.  Touch20 technology allows select Delta Faucets the ability to be turned on and off with just the touch of a wrist or the back of your hand.  This not only keeps your faucet looking clean, it also guards against cross contamination. 
Delta Kitchen Faucets

Inspiring designs that are beautiful and functional are at the core of Delta’s philosophy.  It is easy to see why so many Faucet Depot customers choose Delta brand faucets and other plumbing needs over all others. 

Delta has a winning track record within the plumbing industry, and has often been recognized for its commitment to designing and manufacturing excellent products.  Delta is dedicated to advancing the standards that are accepted within the industry, and to being an ongoing leader when it comes to quality, technology, and design. 

Diamond Seal Technology
One of Delta’s most sought after features is Diamond Seal technology.  Working with the knowledge that diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, Delta developed a valve that is benefitted by a resilient diamond coating that allows Delta Faucets to last for as many as five million usages.  This diamond coating also creates a barrier that keeps the water flowing through the faucet from coming into contact with any possible metal impurities or pollutants.  No faucet performs better, and no faucet is as attractive on the inside as it is on the outside. 

Delta Faucets & the Environment
Worldwide, more than 150 million people have a Delta Faucet installed in their home or place of business.  This puts Delta in a good place for becoming an ardent steward of our fragile environment. Delta takes on the task by providing the world with products that tackle concerns regarding the conservation of the world’s water supply while also taking into consideration issues like accessibility and purity.  By manufacturing smart delivery solutions that enhance the efficiency of water while being durable enough to last for years and years, Delta effectively improves the user and consumer experience without forgoing functionality.  Delta is continuously evaluating their manufacturing, packing, and shipping methods with the conservation of energy and resources in mind so that Delta’s environmental carbon “footprint” is minimized.

Functionality Meets Beauty in Faucet Collections by Delta Faucets

Delta Trinsic

Delta Trinsic
Sleek elegance of modern design is embodied in the Trinsic Kitchen Collection. MagnaTite docking keeps the pull-down wand mounted securely in place and DIAMOND™ Seal Technology provides enhanced reliability and performance.

View the Delta Trinsic collection.

Delta Cassidy

Delta Cassidy
Classical design combines with modern technology in the Cassidy Kitchen Collection, featuring innovations such as MagnaTite docking to keep the pull-down wand mounted securely in place, DIAMOND Seal Technology for enhanced reliability and performance, and Touch2O Technology which allows the user to turn the faucet on and off with just a touch.

View the Delta Cassidy collection.

Delta Allora Faucets

Delta Allora
Inspired by the beautiful lines of an old fashioned watering can, the Allora collection by Delta includes both pull down faucets and matching bar and prep faucets that will bring a distinct air of country living to your home, even if you live in a bustling city. The Allora collection of faucets by Delta feature Delta’s premiere patented technology – Magna Tite – which is an innovative docking system that will keep the spray wand held securely in position for enhanced appearance and unmatched functionality. 

View the Allora pull-down and coordinating bar/prep faucets at Faucet Depot.

Delta Grail Delta Grail
The Delta Grail collection draws its inspiration from the ambience of the urban space and contemporary, modern motifs.  This collection is proof positive of the balance that exists between function and form, and with so many options in the collection, getting a minimalist design in the home has never been easier! 

View the Delta Grail collection.
Delta Leland Kitchen Faucets

Delta Leland
One of Delta’s most popular lines is the Leland Collection, which features a series of beautiful and functional pull down faucets that are classy and elegant.  Leland faucet designs combine contemporary functionality with traditional style elements along with their patented Magna Tite docking system for a kitchen faucet that will stand up to the rigors of years of usage. 

View the Leland pull-down faucets by Delta.

Delta Addison Faucets Delta Addison
The beautiful and refreshing faucets in the Delta Addison faucet collection take their design inspiration from the intricate scalloped detail of a treasure that is beloved around the world – the seashell.  Addison faucets by Delta also have the distinction of being the first Delta bathroom or lavatory faucet that is equipped with Proximity Sensing capabilities and Touch20 technology.  Touch20 technology allows faucets in the Delta Addison collection to be turned on or off with a simple tap or touch – even with your elbow or forearm – which helps to reduce the spread of germs and cross contamination from germy hands. Delta Addison faucets are available in multiple finishes and with coordinating pieces so that you can bring a cohesive look to your space with ease. 

View the Delta Addison collection.
Delta Dryden Bath Collection

Delta Dryden
Geometric forms and clean lines make up the Delta Dryden Collection of bathroom faucets that draw inspiration and design elements from the classic Art deco period.  Sophisticated yet simple designs in the Dryden collection are united with a variety of finish possibilities to create a style that is flexible and well-received in many décor themes – from the arts and crafts theme to contemporary themes to traditional or Old World.

View the Delta Dryden collection.

Delta Fuse

Delta Fuse
The design was inspired by the emerging trend of color in unexpected places and soft contemporary style. Loaded with innovations such as MagnaTite docking and DIAMOND Seal Technology, the Fuse Kitchen Collection spices up the kitchen with three colorful options: Stainless and Cracked Pepper, Chili Pepper or Snowflake White.

View the Delta Fuse collection.

Delta Lahara

Delta Lahara
Inspired by the beauty and bliss created by waves, the elegant, one-piece curved handles and sleek spout of Lahara complement any décor. Offered in four popular finishes, the Lahara Collection comes in a full suite of coordinating accessories, providing a decorative look throughout the bath.

View the Delta Lahara collection.

Why Select a Faucet from Delta?

Delta Faucets are an excellent choice for your home or business, and here’s just a few of the reasons why:

  • Delta is on the cutting edge of plumbing technology, bringing you features that other manufacturers don’t have access to because Delta holds the patent. 
  • Diamond Seal technology on Delta Faucets means that your faucet will last for many years. Some Delta Faucets have lasted through five million uses! 
  • Magna Tite docking system makes for a wand that is always held securely in position. 
  • Touch20 technology allows you to easily turn your faucet on with just a light touch – which is perfect for those times when you have messy hands. 
  • Delta Faucets are manufactured to meet all local, regional, and federal specifications. 
  • There are an abundance of replacement parts available for your Delta Faucet if something should go wrong “down the road”. 
  • Delta offers a comprehensive warranty on their fine plumbing products. 

Delta Faucets puts their products through a course of punishing tests to ensure durability in everything that they sell.  This involves over 100 hands-on inspections before a Delta Faucet is packaged up and sent to your favorite retailer, Faucet Depot.

Yes, these are all excellent reasons to rely on the proven performance and obvious beauty of Delta Faucets.  But there’s more.  Delta takes what their customers want and more importantly, need, into consideration when they invest in research in and development.  And Delta applies super-smart technology during the design process with the end result being a line of products that stands up to and exceeds customer expectation.  Delta has been doing business as a global favorite for five decades and has always been a top selling brand at Faucet Depot. Discover the beauty and long-lasting functionality of Delta Faucets  and Delta showers now.