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The super trendy Belle Foret Collection at Faucet Depot includes a wide range of bathroom and kitchen faucets, gorgeous copper basins, attractive stone vessels, and beautiful bath vanities in fantastic finishes that will complement any existing décor. These meticulously built Belle Foret products are inspired by French Country décor and lend an beautiful and stylish look on a meager budget.

Sophisticated and distinctive sinks, faucets, and furniture for the bath that have been given added character of a rich patina, minus the wait or the expense. The voyage to discover Belle Foret is one that is well worth the effort!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Belle Foret

What distinctive differences are there between washer-less cartridges and ceramic cartridges?
Ceramic is a much better material and a quarter turn. When the ports or holes are lined up in the appropriate configuration, the control of the water is achieved by a replaceable arrangement of seals or a cartridge.

Are Belle Foret’s finishes PVD?
Satin nickel, stainless steel, and polished brass Belle Foret finishes are PVD. The weathered copper finish on Belle Foret sinks and the oil rubbed bonze finish found on Belle Foret products are living finishes.

Can you explain how the pump versus spiral handles work?
The spiral handle is a pull forward handle that you simply move left for hot water and right for cold water. The pump handle is a lift up and move forward handle that features hot at the forward control and cold water at the back control.

Some Belle Foret products are made from fireclay. What is that?
Fireclay is a premium materials that is much heavier and denser than typical vitreous china.

Where do I find specific information about installing Belle Foret vanities?
You will find installation specs for Belle Foret vanities on our website and also available for fax.

Can I order the vanity separately from its top?
Unfortunately, no. Belle Foret designs are pre-attached.

Maintenance Instructions for Belle Foret Copper Basins
Your beautiful Belle Foret copper basin has what is known as a living finish – and no two Belle Foret copper basins will be exactly identical. Keep in mind that any item or any type of liquid that comes into contact with your sink can affect its color. Eventually, the living finish of your Belle Forest copper basin will vary in tone and color, which will add to its uniqueness, character, and style!
Belle Foret does not warrant the finish of your Belle Foret basin after it has been installed, so please inspect it with care prior to installation.

Instructions for Maintaining Your Belle Foret Copper Basin
- Before first using, wipe out the copper basin with a dry cloth.
- After each use, wipe the basin dry.
- Add a temporary coating that will protect your basin with the application of a soft wax, like Faucet & Fixture Wax, or even Pledge brand furniture polish.
- Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, rubbing compounds, or cleansers with abrasives, such as Soft Scrub. These can damage the Belle Foret basin. It is important to remember that the living finish of your copper
- Belle Foret basin has no protective coating. This basin’s living finish has been specifically designed to change in appearance with use and the passage of time. Belle Foret Oil Rubbed Bronze basins and Weathered Copper basins are finished to coordinate with your favorite Belle Foret faucets.

Maintenance and Care for Your Belle Foret Stone Vessels
The Belle Foret stone vessel is constructed from durable and hard natural stone. The absorption factor of marble allows liquids that come into contact with the surface of the stone vessel to affect its color. You must properly maintain and care for your Belle Foret stone vessels in order to protect and preserve the beauty of the natural stone. Inspect the stone vessel cautiously prior to installation. Belle Foret will not warrant the finish of the stone vessel after it has been installed. To maintain:

- Please inspect your stone vessel carefully before installing, as Belle Foret does not warrant the finish after installation. Maintenance Instructions :
- After you have installed your Belle Foret stone vessel, clean it carefully with a marble cleaner or marble sealer. A good one to try is Faucet & Fixture wax.
- After each use, immediately wipe your stone vessel dry. Avoid allowing water spots to dry on your Belle Foret Stone vessel.
- The application of a marble wax (again, like Faucet & Fixture wax) can provide your stone vessel with a protective coating.
- Avoid the use of cleaners that have abrasives, like Soft Scrub, or that are made with harsh chemicals. These can damage your Belle Foret stone vessel. It is important to keep in mind that in order to maintain your basin’s beauty, you need to keep it clean and be certain to dry it immediately after each use.