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ThermaSol is a superior manufacturer of steam baths and has been able to define the standard for steam bathing products. They’ve been in business for more than 50 years and offer steam bath equipment for both commercial and residential applications. They also offer a system of options for steam baths such as Mood Lights, Radios, CD Players, Phone accessories, Fog-Free mirrors, and other luxurious items under their Serenity and Heavenly Collection. Other items under the Heavenly Collection are aromatherapy oils for the ultimate steam bath relaxation experience.
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For more than four decades ThermaSol has truly defined the steam bath industry by providing our customers with the finest products in steam bathing comfort and performance. In addition to manufacturing superior steam bath equipment for both residential and commercial customers, ThermaSol now offers The Serenity Collection of systems to further enhance any steam shower, bath or sauna environment. Now you can add and control any combination of options including Mood Lights, Radio, CD-Player/Changer, Water Proof Speakers, Phone and our exclusive Proportional Heating System. The Serenity Collection also includes the Heavenly Collection of Fog-Free Mirrors to help purify and maintain beautiful, radiant skin and ThermaSol's Aroma Therapy Oils that awaken and indulge your senses.
Thermasol SmartSteam


Patented SmartSteam is the ultimate in temperature control; only available from ThermaSol.

How it works:

SmartSteam produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature while conserving energy and providing a quiet relaxed experience. This is accomplished by metering the output of power; the unit only uses enough power to support your requested temperature; no more, no less. For example: if you have a 10 kW generator and you set the temperature at 100 degrees it will use all 10 kW to get to your set temperature but to maintain your temperature it will scale back the power to only what is needed; perhaps 3kw thereby saving energy. A truly green feature. SmartSteam, the “cruise control” of steam bathing is standard on ThermaSol’s Pro Series generators.


FastStart is standard equipment on all our 50th Anniversary generators, and holds a worldwide patent. The technology is such that it uses minimal amounts of energy, much like your clock radio, but it allows every unit to steam in less than 1 minute, whether 3.5 kW or 15 kW. No need to wait 4 to 8 minutes for the steamer to ramp-up.

ThermaSol also addressed environmental concerns; should yours be a vacation home or you’ll be away for a lengthy period there is a feature that counts down from 700 hours, if the steam unit is not used within that time frame FastStart will automatically turn off, if used it starts the 700 hour cycle anew. Or, should you choose, you can disable the FastStart function through the Signature control, and enable it again, upon your return.

Fast STart Technology
Thermasol Powerflush


PowerFlush, was specifically designed to purge calcification build-up from the inner-tank. This unique system uses a combination of household water-line pressure (40 to 80 lbs) and specially designed inner-tank “speed slots” to increase the water pressure. This water pressure effectively sweeps the bottom of the tank removing build-up.

Picture the same pot but rather than just having a drain plug it was used as a water inlet. Now, instead of draining the tank via gravity you PowerFlush the Corn Flakes from the bottom of the tank, and out the top. There would be a compelling difference in the amount of Corn Flakes removed when using pressure rather than gravity.

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Thermasol Fog Free Mirror

Fog-Free Mirrors

Fog Free mirrors are not only convenient and practical; they make a great design statement in any bathroom. ThermaSol's elegantly crafted fog-free mirrors feature a one-inch beveled edge and are made of shower safe glass. Convenient and practical they make a great statement in any bathroom.

Available in 4 distinctive designs: Aphrodite, Neptune, Venus and Zeus.

Choose the style that most compliments your decor. Whether new construction, remodeling project, existing bathroom or shower, the tastefully understated fog-free mirrors are amazingly simple to install.

The approximate overall size of the mirrors are 18" x 24"

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Venus Aphrodite
Neptune Zeus