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Moen Faucet Styles

Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen 90 Degree Moen Aberdeen Moen AquaSuite Moen Arbor Moen Ascent Moen Brantford Moen Camerist Moen Caprillo
Moen Castleby
Moen Chateau Moen Woodmere Moen Extensa Moen Integra Moen Legend Moen Level Moen Monticello Moen Pot Filler Moen Vestige

Moen Bathroom Faucets

Moen 90 Degree Moen Brantford Moen Chateau Moen Eva Moen Icon Moen Kingsley Moen Kleo Moen Legend Moen Level
Moen Method Moen Monticello Moen Rothbury Moen Vestige Moen Weymouth        

Moen offers many different faucet collections to choose from. Built with quality and reliability since the 1950's Moen Kitchen Faucets have been a household name. These faucets come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against defects, leaks and drips. The LifeShine is another great feature - designed to not flake off, corrode or tarnish. These positives are just a couple reasons that set Moen kitchen faucets apart from their competition. Find out more and shop a huge variety at low prices from Faucet Depot.

Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen Kitchen Pullout Faucets - Versatility. Convenience. Choice.

Moen offers this fabulously convenient combination pullout faucet-sprayer to ease your kitchen cleanup duties while simultaneously changing the ordinary faucet into an item of luxury. Moen's pullout faucets provide a state of the art design in the kitchen while adding extra space to the countertop and cuts down on cleaning time with only one fixture to clean. These pullout faucets designed by Moen alternatively provide less movement while accomplishing your goal of a clean and orderly kitchen.

Useful Features Designed for Everyday Life

Secured Docking
Moen pullout faucets novel design snugly holds the spray wand in place when docked to the faucet head providing a secure bond with does not loosen with frequent usage.
Effortless Operation
Instantly removing the spray wand is an almost effortless maneuver. The extended length fiber hose releases with a gentle pull to comfortable serve your touch up needs. Replacing the wand to the faucet head is just as easy and the balanced weight assures you that it will remain securely in place.
Patented Pause Feature
Moen patented pause pullout faucets features a pause button, found on certain models only that allows the user to control the flow of water and cut down of water usage. This distinctive pause button allows for a neater spraying operation whether water is needed inside or outside of the sink.
Smooth, Comfortable Movement
All pullout faucets are designed with a swivel ball joint located at the junction of the spray wand and the hose to decrease resistance when in use. This special feature effectively increases smooth removal and distance of movement essential for spraying activities.
Multi-Function Spray Options
Three special features are provided by Moen creating a multi-function spray head. For increased convenience these distinguished spray heads include a powerful rinse, stream pause, and aeration stream while reverting back to normal stream when turn off at the handle.

Faucet Spray Options

Spot Resist Finish
We know that keeping your faucets free of fingerprints and water spots are key concerns.... Here's a new Moen innovation that addresses both, helping to make your life a little easier!

Spot Resist

Wide Spout Range

Wide Spout Range

Pulldown Bar/Prep Faucets For your convenience Moen provides coordinating pulldown faucets for the home bar and other prep areas such as laundry, gardening shed, garage, etc. Where ever you need a sink, Moen has the perfect style to complete your desired coordinated effect.

Moen Kitchen Sinks

Those who love to cook spend more time at the kitchen sink than they may realize. Whether you are washing delicious cookie dough from your hands or scrubbing fresh vegetables you should spend that time with a sink that is a cut above all others. These time-saving sinks will decrease your kitchen duties allowing more freedom for other pleasures in life. Moen sinks are not only a decorative, eye appeasing kitchen necessitates but superior in quality as well.

Designed with the customer in mind, Moen offers a variety of styles - Lancelot Professional, Lancelot, Camelot, and Excalibur. These four diverse lines are made of the highest quality stainless steel. All are undercoated with SoundSHIELD, a ground breaking product which lessen irritating sounds, such as rattling pots and provides a quieter work area.

Lancelot Sink
Camelot Sinks
Moen Lancelot Sinks
Moen Camelot Sinks

Drop-In: A design in which the entire circumference of the sink lip rests on the top of the counter. Also known as self-rimming.

: A standard measurement of the thickness of metal materials, such as stainless steel sinks. An example of the numbers used, 18-gauge to 22-gauge, with the lower number indicating the thicker steel.

Mounting Holes
: Holes that are drilled directly into the sink's top back section for the purpose of installing a faucet, side spray, or soap dispenser. Depending on the design of the sink there may be one, two, three or four holes. Undermount sinks do not include holes due to the holes being drilled onsite directly into the counter top.

: This technique used with solid counter (granite or other solid material) requires attaching the sink underneath the counter using clips. This technique creates a smooth one-look unit to the counter surface.

: A high-tech, sound reduction material used to coating Moen stainless steel sinks. This thick undercoating is applied with precise accuracy to ensure the greatest effect in sound reduction. All of Moen luxurious styles - Lancelot Professional, Lancelot, and Camelot stainless steel sinks are coated with SoundSHIELD.

Moen Brantford
Moen Voss
Brantford's timeless appeal gives any kitchen a beautiful look. In addition to its stylish attributes, the faucet now features MotionSense, which utilizes advanced sensors to detect movement in two sensing zones, setting water flow in motion without a single touch. With MotionSense, tasks like washing dishes, filling a glass of water and preparing the evening meal are simplified. It's like having a second set of hands in the kitchen -- perfect for when your hands are too full or too dirty to turn on the faucet.
The new Moen Voss collection provides a timeless, yet on-trend look and feel to any bath. The transitional line of faucets, accessories and showering products is filled with simple, enduring style. This Collection combines elements from traditional and modern styling to create a comprehensive suite of bath faucets and accessories.

Moen Bathroom Fixtures
Blending innovation and style, Moen collections will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. The graceful lines and attention to detail in every Moen bathroom faucet are designed to make impressions that last.
Moen Bathroom Fixtures

Moen Showers, Showerheads & Vertical Spa Shower Systems
Give yourself the ultimate break you deserve, install a Moen Vertical Spa system to your shower. The Vertical Spa Shower System not only cleanses your body but is a natural method to revitalize the body from both mental and physical strains caused from everyday lifestyles.
Moen Bath

Moen's History

Who would have dreamed that a shocking burst of hot water at an unexpected moment would inspire a young college student in the 1930s to design the world's first mixing faucet? Washingtonian Al Moen was but a college student working his way through school when an old-fashioned faucet provided the inspiration he needed to change the way that the world looks at plumbing. His initial mixing faucet design with a single handle sold only 250 faucets but went on to be the basis behind the Moen single handle faucet which is a household standard in over 55 countries around the globe and Moen is now the number one brand in household plumbing.

Moen's Famous Industry Firsts
Moen's slogan, "Buy it for looks, buy it for life" - epitomizes the place that Moen has arrived at after years of innovations and plumbing industry firsts. Although most famous for introducing the plumbing world to the single-handle mixing faucet, Moen has many other accomplishments under its belt. Included in Moen's bragging rights are:

  • ease of maintenance through the use of washer-less cartridge systems
  • faucet aerator that would allow the water flow to change from stream to spray (Swing 'n' Spray)
  • faucet that lift ten inches above the sink (Riser product line)
  • reduction in "shower shock" by creating pressure balanced shower valves
  • first to offer lifetime warranties on plumbing products
  • first to offer consumer support for do-it-yourself installation and replacement of their products via a toll free number
Moen's Innovative Growth
Moen is always on the cutting edge of innovative ideas for the plumbing industry. Among Moen's many technological advances, consumers now enjoy the following Moen products:
  • ChoiceFlo faucets. The ChoiceFlo faucet is a filtering faucet that allows the user to choose between filtered or unfiltered water, right at the tap.
  • Aberdeen pulldown faucets. Moen's patented Aberdeen pulldown faucets stop the flow of water with just the touch of a pause button.
  • Immersion shower technology. Moen's Immersion rain shower technology provides a unique shower pattern that is reminiscent of water being poured from a watering can.
  • Life Shine finish. Moen sets the bar for durable finishes with Life Shine.
Moen's Green Efforts
Moen is a very environmentally conscious company that has made a significant amount of effort to reduce the impact that their manufacturing efforts and their end products have on the planet. Moen builds many showerheads, faucets, and filtration systems that use less water than similar products made by other manufacturers and is also actively working to increasing recycling efforts and decreasing water consumption in their plants and facilities. In addition, 70% of all the water used in testing Moen's products is reused by Moen and 90% of the scrap metal in product returns to Moen is recycled.