How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

Whether you are remodeling the kitchen and installing new fixtures, or just looking to replace an old, unsightly existing kitchen faucet, chances are that you are a bit overwhelmed by the array of choices available on today's market. Let's look at the most common kitchen faucet styles:

  • Single handle
  • Pullout
  • Two handle
  • Two handle wall mount
  • Water filtration
  • Pot filler

While these are the most sought after kitchen faucet styles, each of these styles have many varieties under them that are designed to provide you with customized functionality for your particular needs/wants for your dream kitchen.

Many kitchen faucets can be "bridge" style, and can integrated or mounted separately, or may require single, double, or multiple holes for installation. If you are buying a kitchen faucet for an existing kitchen, it is often most practical to go with a faucet that is made for the number of existing holes. You should also be aware of what type of plumbing connection is required for your new kitchen faucet, and whether you must purchase an IPS or CPS adaptor. Faucets built by some manufacturers may require you to purchase additional components to install the faucet, such as rough in valves, faucet accents, faucet bodies, or even faucet accent trim, while others may come packaged with handles, or without handles, necessitating you to purchase handles to complement the faucet separately.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Two Handle

Kitchen Faucet Designs
For most discerning homeowners, the kitchen faucet is selected to coordinate or complement the existing appliances and cabinets in the kitchen. Kitchen faucets run the gamut when it comes to aesthetics: from kitchen faucets that look like works of art or sculpture to those that appear to come out of an old farmhouse complete with antique-styled water pump, there are selections for those with traditional and contemporary tastes.

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Single Handle
Two Handle

Bridge Faucet
Pullout / Pulldown
Two Handle Wall Mount
Filter Faucets
Pullout / Pulldown
Two Handle Wall Mount
Filter Faucets

Kitchen Faucet Handles
If the kitchen faucet that you select is not pre-packaged with coordinating handles, you can purchase handles to complement your kitchen. Traditionally, a kitchen faucet is paired with two handles - one for cold water and one for hot water, allowing for control of each, or to adjust both together for warm water dispensing. Today there are literally hundreds of faucet handle types, including lever styles that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that don't require the use of fine motor skills to turn off and on but can be activated with the elbow or wrist. Single handle kitchen faucets utilize just one control to adjust water temperature as needed, but may be either double or single lever, side mounted or top mounted. Dual handle kitchen faucet handles may be built with a big variety of grips and inserts, including those made from glass, porcelain, wood, and other materials, and can be straight, bladed, curved, flared, cross cut, or otherwise designed for architectural appeal.

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Delta H278RB Leland Metal Lever Handles Venetian Bronze
Delta H278RB Leland Metal Lever Handles Venetian Bronze

American Standard Kitchen Faucet - ColonySoft Gooseneck
Kitchen Sink Spout
A standard kitchen spout rises only a bit higher than the body of the faucet. There are alternatives to this design, however, such as a high neck kitchen faucet or gooseneck design that feature dramatic height of oftentimes ten or more inches (great for filling or rinsing stock pots and other large cookware) as well as adding to the aesthetics of the kitchen faucet in general. The reach of the spout is important, especially if the kitchen faucet will service two bowl or three bowl sinks. There are spouts that reach up to 14 inches and that swivel 180 degrees or more to accommodate these types of kitchen sink set-ups.
American Standard 4275.550.002 ColonySoft Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Sprays
Handy integrated sprays that pull down or pullout are also available, and are the best solution for tasks like rinsing or filling large pots, washing vegetables, and more. Most sprays are retractable for easy storage and offer on-demand water. The spray that you choose can be either a traditional side spray or a more modern pullout spray.

A traditional side spray is sometimes called a vegetable spray, and is mounted beside the faucet on the countertop or sink, requiring an additional hole. The traditional side spray may also be accompanied by a soap dispenser which is mounted alongside or near the spray. The side spray is usually made of the same material and finish as the kitchen faucet.

A pulldown or pullout spray is made into the faucet spout and deliver a high volume of water when sprayed. A pulldown or pullout spray may be attached to a hose that is as long as 54”. A weight or a spring-loaded mechanism in the spray allows it to recoil when not in use.

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Grohe Ladylux Cafe Pullout Faucet
Grohe 33.755.SD0 Ladylux Cafe Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Solid in Stainless Steel featuring a dual spray trigger and an on/off spray control button.

Blanco 441194 Cantata Wall Mounted Pot Filler Chrome

Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets
For the gourmet kitchen or for the serious cooking enthusiast, a pot filler kitchen faucet makes sense. Pot filler faucets allow for easy filling of large pots and kettles without having to transport them across the kitchen, making the time spent in the kitchen more productive. Pot filler faucets can be installed in direct relation to the stove (often right above it) so that heavy pots can be filled just inches from their cooking surface.

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Water Filtration Faucets
A handy water filtration faucet or water filtering system is just one of the ways that the modern kitchen can become eco-friendly (and save tons of money over the cost of buying bottled water). Water filtration faucets can remove such pollutants as rust, hard water particulate, dirt, iron, chemicals, leads, as well as the bad odors and bad tastes that many report with tap or well water. What's more, an easy to install water filtration system filters your water right through the faucet, giving you a clean, pure glass of water (or water for cooking) each time you turn the faucet on. And because you'll save money by filtering your water at home as opposed to buying bottled water, your filter faucet can pay for itself in no time flat!

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Moen 77200 Filter Faucet
Moen 77200 AquaSuite Single
Handle/Hole Filtered Faucet Chrome