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Make sure that the water your family is drinking is pure and healthy by installing a drinking water system from EverPure, AquaPure, or Kohler, available from Faucet Depot. Easy to install and use, a drinking water system reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, removes dirt and cloudiness, and makes your water simply healthier. Drinking water systems are ideal for both tap water and well water sources and remove common contaminants like mold, algae, oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides, as well as other impurities that are found in most water. Most of the drinking water systems that Faucet Depot sells feature at least a ½ gallon per minute rate of flow for fast filtration. As an added benefit, filtering your water at home with a convenient water filtration system can help you avoid purchasing plastic, bottled water – so you'll save money while doing a favor for the environment by reducing the amount of trash stacking up in the world's landfills.