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Hard water can add unsightly stains to your faucets and fixtures, not to mention the rotten egg smell with is unpleasant can be a little embarrassing. Even worse is hard water can eventually clog up your pipes and severely decrease or stop your water flow. This could be thousands of dollars in repairs. Hard water is very high in various minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other element found in the ground. A great solution and preventative measure to hard water is to add a water softener to your home.
Water Softeners work by switching out unwanted minerals with other minerals that don’t wreak havoc on your pipes and fixtures. They are easy to install and you will feel the difference in your water immediately. Take a look at the large variety of water softeners we have here at Faucet Depot including Nuvo, Falsken and Aqua-Pure. Chances are we have the right type softener at the right price, browse our large selection today!