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Sump Pumps for Flooding

Zoeller Pumps

Homeowners who have basements, finished or not, that are below water table level can tell you how invaluable the right sump pump can be. Any home that experiences regular basement flooding needs a good sump pump. Their purpose is to drawn the water away from the basement and foundation and direct it either into the home's drainage pipe system or it can be directed toward a place around the home where the excess water can do no damage.

Sump pumps come in two varieties: the pedestal style and the submersible style. Like its name indicates the pedestal style as the pump visible as it sits on a pedestal foundation. The submersible style can be places directly under water. The prices range from modest to expensive and the cost depends on such features and benefits as horsepower, materials used in manufacturing and other various characteristics.

They also come with options like automatic or manual on and off. The automatic unit can be set - or comes in a preset mode - to turn on when the water level reaches a certain reading. It will then cut off when the water level drops to below the preset reading. The buyer generally has a choice of a pressure switch, low-level pressure switch or a float switch. As the name indicates, a manual sump pump is turned on when the homeowner sees the need and requires the home owner to shut if off when the job is done.

For the homeowner whose basement is below water table level or has a basement that is prone to flooding during heavy rains it is imperative that there is some sort of back-up system for those times when the power goes out during a storm or for whatever reason. If there is no electricity, there is no pumping of the excess water. If the power is out for days, there is the possibility of huge losses due to water damage. Many of the newer sump pump models come with built-it battery back-up systems for those who would need this feature.

We carry sump pumps from some of the top makers in the country like Liberty Pumps, Little GIANT, Zoeller and others.