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Choosing Shower Doors

Showers have become a more intrical part of the modern bathroom, to the point that they have become the focal point of the room.

As showers become increasingly more popular than tubs in many bathrooms, homeowners put greater effort into making them more aesthetically pleasing.

Today people are so busy that no one has the time to take a bath. Taking a bath is becoming more a luxury and a once in a while way to relax and unwind, rather than a standard way to get clean. People live in their homes for a number of years and wind up using their bathtubs only a handful of times.

This increased use of the shower is the reason that more and more people are opting for upgrading their showers with high-performance shower systems that include multiple showerheads and other options to make their experience more enjoyable.

This increase in popularity also means that the shower doors are becoming the focal point of the shower, as well as an obvious necessity.

Shower Door Choices

There are two determining factors to which type of shower door you choose, price and function. For the homeowner who is looking for a more inexpensive approach, a standard, framed sliding shower door with clear glass will be the perfect choice.

A framed door is usually made up of thinner glass with a metal frame surrounding it and protecting the edges. It is for this reason, the framed slider is the least expensive type of door.

Another standard type of shower door is the open-out, also known as “easy access” or individual door. These shower doors open out, just like any other door.

A semi-frameless door, is a style for people who want to combine budget with style. This style features ¼-inch-thick glass with polished edges and significantly less metal than a framed door.

Clear glass tends to be the most popular type of glass. This is because homeowners usually invest a lot in tile and accessories in their bathrooms and want to show them off. Also, clear glass tends to make a room look more spacious.

The main downside to choosing clear glass is the visibility of water spots on the surface. However, there are products out that can be added to the glass to reduce spotting.

Sliding doors can also be used on a bathtub and may be more effective, however, a door/tub combination doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people prefer doors, while others find them too claustrophobic.

Whatever type of shower door you decide on, you may want to consider having a professional install it, experts advise. Shower doors can be tricky to install yourself and they aren’t something you want to take chance with damaging it.

FaucetDepot carries a large selection of beautiful and durable shower doors at the best prices around. We are one of the top retailers of shower doors from the finest manufacturers in the industry including Kohler, American Standard and Swanstone, to name only a few. Our shower doors will be a beautiful and durable addition to your bathroom for years to come.

American Standard Shower Doors