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Upgrading Your Bathroom Cabinet

When the average homeowner or decorator talks about selecting a new bathroom cabinet, nine times out of 10 they are talking about replacing the 'medicine' cabinet. In 'the day' this is where prescriptions and first aid supplies were kept, thus the name. Today's more modern cabinets are also built to hold toiletries and essentials to keep the bathroom tidy and in order.

Bathroom cabinets come in an array of sizes, shapes, functionality and styles. The most important factor to consider is the space that is involved and the amount of storage needed. Most of the cabinets come with enhanced glass shelves that are adjustable so you can make a shelf shorter to handle prescription bottles and taller to accommodate deodorant and shampoo. Some will have a mirror only on the front whereas other styles will have mirrors on both sides of the doors.

If you have a good amount of space and need plenty of storage there are models that are long and have sliding beveled doors so you wind up with two or three equal compartments. The style of the cabinet can follow the home decor whether it is traditional, modern or rustic. You do not have to 'settle' for the usual rectangular shape. You can order cabinets that are oval with oval mirrors, ones that look like beautifully framed mirrors and even ones with no mirror at all that have all appearances of a nice wall cabinet.

The good news is you do not have to trade looks for functionality. You can have a nice bathroom cabinet that looks lovely and still fills its purpose. Cabinets are made in a variety of materials, some more expensive than others. You can select aluminum and go all the way up to wood. Color is never a problem because some choices come in fashion colors. Our bathroom cabinets are available in such finishes as black, bronze, chrome, natural, nickel, stainless steel and white.

We have over 200 bathroom cabinets from which to choose by great manufacturers like Robern, Pegasus, Broan, Avanity and others. However, we also have a good selection of bathroom linen cabinets that offer beauty, storage and functionality where you need it most.

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