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Bathroom Vanities - The Focal Point of Your Bathroom

Foremost Bathroom Vanity

When you begin looking at all of our beautiful bathroom vanities you will probably ask yourself, "How can I possible choose just one?" This information should help you make an educated decision that will please you for years to come.

Whether redecorating, replacing or sprucing up to sell your home, there are two areas where you get the most bang for your buck: bathrooms and kitchens. When a guest walks into any of your bathrooms the focal point is always going to be the bathroom vanity. The vanity is most likely to be compared to your prized piece of furniture in your living room, dining room or bedroom. It should be chosen with a combination of style and functionality.

Bathrooms that have not been updated since a home was built will generally have builder-grade vanities. They are functional and they do serve a purpose. However, they do not represent your individual style. There are bathroom vanities that fall into every decorating category like, traditional, modern, cottage-style and every other style of design. You want to select one that compliments the general feel of your home.

The next item to check off your list is the amount of space you need to fill. If this is a large master en-suite, do you have room for a dual sink? You will need room for a minimum of 30" between the actual sinks. If you have a small power room, do you need a compact but functional vanity? Most contractors will tell you that you need at least 15" from the center of your toilet to the edge of your vanity. This is not a huge amount of space and it is the minimum. Some contractors say that this meets most building codes.

So when you are measuring to see how large your vanity can be, if you begin with this measurement you can't go wrong. If you want to allow 20" it would make a more comfortable space. Vanities come in a myriad of widths so you are sure to find one that meets your needs. They also come in heights so they can accommodate people who are taller than average, shorter than average, and individuals with disabilities.

Now you know your style, your width and your height. How do you want the vanity to function? Some homeowners are short on storage space so they want to add a vanity that has plenty of drawers for storage. Even if you have a small powder room there are compact vanities that still have areas for storage.

The final decision you want to make is the material used to manufacture your vanity. Wood is one of the most popular choices for a traditional bathroom. Even though it is 100% wood, it has been treated to withstand the humidity. For those who want the look of wood but are on a tight budget, there are vanities made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). It looks like wood and feels like wood but it is made from pressurized wood particles. It does stand up to humidity and does not warp or become misshapen. Vanities that will be painted a specific color may be made from plywood which is equally hardy. Plus there are many vanities made from wood veneers. Whatever your choice, the material in fabrication has been specially treated and tested to withstand the rigors of steamy bathrooms.

We offer some of the country's most outstanding manufacturers of bathroom vanities including Pegasus, American Standard, Decolav and many others. You have many options in black, bronze, nickel, white, painted and natural wood.

Decolav Vanity
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