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Alsons Hand Showers

Alson's is now own part of Delta Faucet company.  View all Delta handshowers to find previous Alson's models, or scoll down.

A beautiful and durable Alson's hand held shower is a great addition to the family bath, and Faucet Depot stocks a huge selection of Alson's hand held showers for you to choose from. Hand held showers allow you to direct water only where it is needed - which not only saves water and thus lowers your utility bills - but also provides the ideal method for shampooing small children, the family dog, or even cleaning the shower and tub. Hand held showers are also great for those with limited mobility, such as the elderly, or those who must sit in the tub to bathe. Faucet Depot is committed to bringing excellent value and affordability to our valued customers on high end home plumbing supplies, which is why we stock Alson's showerheads and hand held showers at rock bottom prices that fit perfectly with every budget, are beautiful to look at, and will last for many, many years to come.
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