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Bathroom Fans

Bathroom Fans

Is your bathroom equipped with a ventilation fan? If not, you should definitely consider installing one! Your bathroom is your sanctuary - the one spot in the home where you can retreat to laze away in the tub, or to take a hot shower and allow the cares of the day to roll off your back. It is only natural to want the bathroom to have the best of everything, including the best ventilation system so that the bathroom always smells good and is free from moisture problems. Proper exhaust in the bathroom can protect the investment that you have made in creating a bathroom that you love, including your tile, bathroom furnishings, walls, and more. There are a number of reasons that it is invariably a good idea to install a bath fan in your bathroom.

Bathroom Fans Exhaust the Moisture from Your Shower
When you shower or bathe, the water naturally lets off steam. This steam can condense on the walls of your bathroom. This is evidenced by the mirror that fogs up when you are showering. With a bath fan installed, the steam is exhausted from the bathroom, which prevents moisture build-up.

Remove Odors
Although most homeowners install a bath fan initially to avoid moisture problems in the space, the truth is that one of the most obvious benefits of the bath fan is that it removes unpleasant bathroom odors. With a bath fan installed, odors are pulled up by the suction from the fan, making your bathroom the true retreat that you want it to be.

Reduce Mold, Mildew and Rust
Moisture problems in a bathroom without proper ventilation can cause mold, mildew and rust. These moisture problems aren't just a detriment to your home's structure, but in the case of mold, can also affect human health. If you or someone in the home has breathing problems, mold and mildew can be especially problematic. With a bath fan installed, moisture problems are curtailed and mold, mildew and rust cannot gain a foothold.

Panasonic Bathroom Fans

Our Panasonic bathroom fans are among the top selling bathroom fans in our inventory lineup. These new generation fans are not only whisper quiet and energy efficient, they also offer performance that is second to none. Some Panasonic bath fan models come on when they sense motion in the room. The Brushless DC motor on the Panasonic bath fan is almost 800% more energy efficient than the required efficiency to be given Energy Star certification. Now that's something to write home about!

Delta Breeze Bathroom Fans

Fantech bathroom fans also feature green technology that allows for 73% greater energy efficiency. Delta Breeze fans also offer brushless motor technology for long life and dependability, making for a clean and efficient solution to ventilating your bathroom.

Fantech Ventilation Systems

Fantech PB110 Premium Bathroom 110 CFM Bath Fan
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