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Broan Ventilation Fans

Builder Magazine declared Broan the leader in residential ventilation following their 2009 Brand Use Study. Faucet Depot is proud to stock and recommend Broan ventilation fans, ventilation and bathroom fans with lights, and Broad ventilation fans with lights and heaters. We also stock a number of Broad bath and ventilation fan accessories. 

Why Does my Bathroom Need a Ventilation Fan?

Damp walls, foggy windows, and steamy mirrors may be reason enough for you to be looking into proper ventilation for your bathroom. But if not, these could very well be indicators of brewing problems like mildew, mold, wood rot, and ruined insulation. Ventilation fans from Broan can clear the air in the bathroom efficiently and fast, eliminating any potential problems before they become disasters! 

Today’s modern home is built for energy efficiency, and this includes having air tight properties. And while that is invariably a good thing, it can also mean that airborne pollutants and moisture stay in the home, too, unless you have a ventilation fan to remove them. The elimination of excess moisture can help to keep your home comfortable and dry, while steering clear of mildew and mold. Ventilation fans also help to remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that seep from construction materials like insulation, adhesives, carpet, fabric, plywood, and more. Ventilation is also critical to vent out dust and allergens within the home. A bathroom ventilation fan can also help to reduce bathroom odors that originate in the toilet. 

Broan ventilation fans for the bathroom are heralded for their quiet operation and long-lasting performance. Broan also certifies its products through the Home Ventilating Institute, which is an independent organization that certifies sound performance and airflow claims. What’s more, Broan is also an Energy Star partner. Look for Energy Star Certified products to reduce your energy consumption by as much as 65% while still retaining excellent performance capabilities. 

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