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Brondell Deodorizing Toilet Seats & Brondell Bidet Toilet Seats

Faucet Depot is happy to recommend Brondell deodorizing toilet seats and Brondell bidet toilet seats to our valued customers.  We stock both the Brondell Breeza and the Brondell Swash toilet seats for  you to choose from.  The Breeze from Brondell is a deodorizing toilet seat that allows you to eliminate those artificial spray deodorizers in the bathroom.  When you sit down on the Brondell Breeze seat, the automatic deodorizing system removes any unpleasant odors, leaving behind a clean, fresh smelling bathroom.  The Breeze is also available in a warming model that adds the comfort of a warm toilet seat to your list of bathroom luxuries.  Some facts on the Breeza by Brondell from Faucet Depot:

* Air-purifying toilet seat that automatically deodorizes the bathroom by eliminating the source of bathroom odors where they live – in the toilet bowl. 
* Certified to remove as much as 95.8 percent of bathroom odors. 
* Engineered with anti-microbial material that will repel the growth of germs and bacteria. 
* Features five year warranty. 
* Replaces your current toilet seat.  Fits most residential toilets. If you’re unsure, give us a call before ordering.
* Automatically activates when someone sits on the seat to begin immediately eliminating odor. 
* Supports up to 320 pounds on the seat. 
* Available in white and biscuit shades; Breeze warm is only available in white.  Both are available in elongated or round styles. 
* Breeze warm has a heated seat that can be adjusted to thee different temperatures.  The user controls the heat; can also be set to no heat at all.
* Breeza operates with batteries.  The Breeza warm has a four-foot long power cord.

The Swash by Brondell is a bidet toilet seat that allows you to effectively clean and refresh yourself after using the bathroom. Bidets have been commonly used in Europe for a long time, and are now finding quite a following in the U.S. The Swash by Brondell provides users with a cleaning, soothing personal water wash at their fingertips.  This is ideal for everyone, but especially for seniors or those who have limited mobility.  Swash can benefit:

* Women.  The Swash features a dual wand system that can leave women feeling rejuvenated and clean any time, but especially during menstruation.  Swash also helps to alleviate the discomfort of irritation, yeast infections, and constipation. 
* Men.  The soothing wash of the Swash allows men to relieve the discomfort of constipation or hemorrhoids while improving their overall hygiene.  Heated seat, warm air dryer, and warm wash makes spending time in the bathroom a pleasure, not a chore. 
* Children.  Even after a child is old enough to clean themselves, they still have some difficulties.  The Swash can help them to be completely clean while promoting the concept of cleanliness and personal hygiene. 
* Seniors.  For seniors who suffer from arthritis or other mobility issues, the Swash from Brondell allows them to keep their dignity in place without relying on others for toileting help.  For those seniors who suffer from incontinence, the Swash allows them to clean up fast and easy, without any strain on their bodies.  Those who have medical conditions like those already mentioned will really appreciate the Swash.  Other conditions, like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and Crohn’s Disease can be more easily managed with the use of a bidet. 
* The environment.  Using the Swash from Brondell can cut down on the thirty-something million rolls of toilet paper that is made and used in the U.S. each and every day.  (It takes a staggering 54 million trees each year just to keep up with demand for toilet tissue.)
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