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Why Choose a Dual Flush Toilet?

Going to the bathroom is an everyday occurrence for all of us, and while you may not think twice about the flushing mechanism on your toilet (unless of course it quits working) there are two kinds of flushing mechanism to choose from: single flush commodes and dual flush commodes. Faucet Depot stocks both. 

What is a dual flush toilet?
A dual flush toilet gets rid of solid waste differently from liquid waste – and is a greener choice because it conserves water. There are two choices of flush to choose from – the one for liquid waste uses less water than the one for removing solid waste. These toilets are becoming more popular as people are more concerned with being eco-friendly and saving resources like water. These types of commodes will help with that, especially since the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that by 2013 there could be water shortages in more than half of the States.

Save Water with Dual Flush Toilets:
Estimates say that toilets use about 30 percent of all the water we use indoors in our homes. If a dual flush toilet is installed, it is estimated it would save 40 percent of that water from just going down the drain. You will not only save water, but will lower your water bill at the same time.
The two options on a dual flush commode use a two-button system to give the flusher a choice of a 1.6 gallon or a .8 gallon flush. All users do is push number #1 for liquids and #2 for solids; it’s that easy to save water.

Used Widely Overseas:
Dual flush toilets are just now catching on in the U.S. due to some communities having water conservation rules and others just wanting to save money and water. However, they have been widely used overseas in Australia, Europe and Asia, for more than 10 years.
To get them more accepted in the U.S. there has started to be a trend to give monetary incentives. That, plus the rising cost of water, has caused more consumers to consider the dual flush toilets.

Installation/Cost of Dual Flush Toilet:
When it comes to installing the average dual flush commode, it is pretty similar to the installation of a regular one. They look about the same on the outside, it’s the inside mechanism that is very different.  These types of toilets also may cost a bit more than a standard, one flush commode, depending on the brand and style.  Buying your toilet at Faucet Depot guarantees that you get the best price possible!

All in all, a dual flush style toilet is a great choice if you want to be eco-friendly, save money and save water all at the same time. Shop our dual flush toilets now – or give us a call if you questions or concerns about this type of toilet. We promise that you will be routed to a real person (who happens to be a plumbing expert) when you call us! 

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