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Delta Faucets

Delta FaucetSince 1954 Delta has been builing some of the best faucets on the market. They are known for quality kitchen and bathroom faucets and recent technological innovations like Touch2O has placed them as a market leader. With no signs of slowing down, Delta Faucets are a safe addition to your home. Some of their recent faucet innovations include; Magna Tite Docking, Diamond Seal Technology, MultiChoice Universal Valve and Touch2O Technology. Delta Faucets are affordable, durable and easy to install not to mention great looking and worry free. Browse our selection of Delta Faucets for your home and see what Delta can do for you!

Originally known for their single handled ball valve faucet, which was the first to offer both hot and cold water, the company has continued to grow and innovate over the years. Delta has earned a reputation for conservation combined with durability.

Delta delights consumers by bringing the latest in faucet technology and innovation into their homes in a package that is as reliable as it is pleasing to the eye. Delta is also a company that prides itself on sustainability thus it has become a favorite among homeowners seeking to use as little water as possible without sacrificing the quality of their experience. Delta's commitment to efficiency and sustainability is demonstrated in their partnership with WaterSense. WaterSense is a program backed by the Environmental Protection Agency and their aim is to reduce water consumption and usage wherever possible. WaterSense labeled products are typically thirty percent more water efficient than comparable products on the market. Delta strives to attain these standards on as many of their faucets and fixtures as possible. When a consumer buys a WaterSense labeled product from Delta they know they are saving the planet, saving money and purchasing a faucet fixture that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

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Delta does not stop their conservation efforts at partnering with WaterSense. The company has also developed the H20Kinetic Technology. H20 Kinetic technology conserves water by delivering larger drops and reducing the true amount of water delivered through the fixture. The consumer experiences the same great shower or faucet flow and saves water at the same time.

Another benefit to having larger droplets is the consistency in temperature. The water is able to retain its heat and envelope the user in a warm and wide spray. Delta has proven their H20Kinectic products to be at least thirty six percent more efficient than typical market offerings. Delta is able to reduce water consumption in a product that is leak free. Delta's offerings remain leak free through the use of Delta's trademarked Diamond Seal Technology. Diamond Seal systems incorporate single piece-tubing units that avoid contact with metal. The water that flows through Diamond Seal systems is contaminate free and it arrives exactly where it is supposed to rather than dripping under the sink. Delta even crafts Diamond Seal tubing with electronic beams rather than harsh chemicals ensuring that the drinking water is clean and crisp just as consumers want it.

Delta's product offerings are reliable innovative and can even be hands free. Delta's technological developments have expanded into the hands free market and the answer is Touch20. Delta is one of the only firms that have been able to harness the power of commercial grade hands free units and brings these faucets into the home with elegant designs. Touch20 faucets are designed for use in the kitchen as well as the bathroom and they allow consumers to either tap the faucet in order to start the flow of water or run their hands underneath the faucet to begin the flow. Touch20 faucets are the perfect way to free up the hands and avoid soiling faucet fixtures.

Delta's blend of sustainability and technology make it easy for consumers to choose their products when shopping for bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Only Delta provides the power of Touch20 Technology, Diamond Seal Systems and H20 Kinetic offerings combined with WaterSense labeling. Delta has proven to consumers time and time again that it is the brand to choose when looking for value and conservation in the same product.
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