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Dupont Air Filters

DuPont Air Filters are engineered with the latest in filter media technology to trap even microscopic particles that may affect indoor air quality. In addition, DuPont Air Filters are able to do a better job of filtering the air in your home because the filters themselves are protected from the very airborne contaminants you want the filter to trap. Through a proprietary process, Microban and OGuard are built-in to provide your filter with an added level of protection against contaminants that may adversely affect filter performance.

Can DuPont Air Filters really improve indoor air quality?
For every visible particle trapped in your furnace filter such as dust, dirt, and mold, there are as many as 100 more that you cannot see, including bacteria, fungi, and pollen. If not stopped, these micro particles can seep through your HVAC system and back into your air. Through independent lab testing, DuPont Air Filters have been proven to trap a greater percentage of microparticles than conventional fiberglass filters. So the answer is YES, the air in your home can be cleaner.
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