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Elizabethan Classics Bathroom Products

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Elizabethan Classics is the pinnacle of charm and elegance from a time rich in detail and sophistication. . Combined with old world charm and new world function, the Elizabethan Classics collection has a wide range of products to complete the bathroom you've always dreamed about. The staple of this bathroom collection are the cast iron clawfoot tubs. Imagine yourself, at evening’s end, lavishing in the lap of luxury in your own private sanctuary complete with a clawfoot bathtub. These tubs will add a richness to your bathroom that would only be found decades ago when craftsmanship and quality took precedence over quantity. Also available to complete your bathroom are beautiful acrylic clawfoot tubs, faucets, hand showers, clawfoot tub fillers, pedestal lavatories and more. Shop our huge selection of Elizabethan Classics bathroom products today and relax in your warm and classic bathroom tonight!

Should You Choose Cast Iron or Acrylic?

At Faucet Depot, we are often asked by our customers whether a cast iron clawfoot tub or an acrylic clawoot tub is the best choice? While the answer to that question is not written in stone, there are definite advantages to both types of tubs. For instance, a cast iron tub provides you with a more historically authentic tub that will give your decor that true vintage feel while an acrylic clawfoot tub can be much simpler to install. The advantages of both in greater detail include:

Acrylic clawfoot tub advantages. Acrylic tubs in the Elizabethan Collection can have a very authentic feel aesthetically, while being lightweight. The lighter the tub, the easier the installation. This can be important when floor strain is an issue, such as when installing the clawfoot tub on an upper level or in an apartment. Acrylic is quick to warm, unlike cast iron, which can be cool to the touch. The acrylic tub is typically a tad bit cheaper than cast iron, but it is not as strong and usually not as durable. Acrylic tubs can be scratched fairly easily, but these scratches can be buffed out. 

Cast iron clawfoot tubs. If you wish to add vintage beauty to the bathroom, nothing compares to a cast iron clawfoot tub. Most cast iron tubs in the Elizabethan Collection have a porcelain enamel inside, which makes them resistant to staining, wearing, and scratching. The outside of the cast iron clawfoot tub can be painted as desired, which means you can change its color with ease or add a decorative motif or stenciling to add to its nostalgic appearance. As mentioned above, a clawfoot tub can weigh a lot when made from cast iron so it may not be suitable for all installations. 

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