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Noritz SS-HB-2 Scale Shield Cartridge

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Noritz SS-HB-2 Scale Shield Cartridge

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SS-HB-2 Noritz Scale Shield Cartridge

The SS-HB-2 ScaleShield provides superior lime and scale prevention for your tankless water heater. Protect your system from corrosion and retain the beneficial minerals in your water with the unique SS-HB-2 anti-scale hard water treatment system.

Scale: The SS-HB-2 ScaleShield is a hard water solution that gathers the minerals that otherwise would form on your pipes and heating elements. These unwanted minerals combine to form scale, but with the ScaleShield system, the build-up is avoided, and your water is still able to maintain the beneficial minerals without creating waste. Scale shield is an excellent choice for your scale prevention and corrosion control needs.

  • Protects the longevity of your tankless water heater system
  • Maintains energy efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Zero discharge
  • Replacement cartridge: HBC-2
  • For NR111, NC250 and NC380 series
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