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Saniflo 017 Sanitop Macerating Pump - White

Saniflo 017 Sanitop Macerating Pump - White

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017 Saniflo Sanitop Macerating Pump - White

The SANITOP is a system that is used to install a half bathroom up to 12 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack. It can handle the effluent from a toilet and sink. The inside of the SANITOP is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the stainless steel macerator blades and the pump. When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the SANITOP activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure.

Water and organic waste matter enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the macerator blades rotate at 3600 RPM. The centrifugal force causes the reduced solids to be ejected through a grill into the container where it is picked up by the impeller pump mounted beneath the motor.

A normal operating cycle for SANITOP takes about 7-9 seconds.

In addition to the toilet waste, the SANITOP will also discharge gray water from an additional fixture such as: a sink. The discharge elbow on top of the SANITOP can be turned either to the left, to the right, or towards the back, depending on the discharge installation. A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit.

This unit has been designed with a vent connection on the lid. All plumbing codes require connection to a vent system. Please note that the vent system should be a two-way air vent. The use of mechanical vents, air admittance valves or similar devices are not permitted as these are considered one-way air vent systems.

The design of this model consists of vibration absorbers which enable the reduction of operating sound by reducing the transmitted sounds from any location where such resonance transmission could occur.

  • Build a half bathroom for residential applications
  • Vertical pumping up to 12 feet and 120 feet horizontally
  • The smallest and quietest macerator on the market
  • Must be connected to Saniflo's discharge toilet
  • Ideal to install a toilet with a sink
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Overall dimensions: 10.5" H x 13" W x 6.5" D
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