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Filter Faucets

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Model No: WHSQC003POCH
Finish: Chrome
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Filter your family's water right from the tap with a handy filter faucet from Moen or any of the other high end plumbing brands on Faucet Depot. A filter faucet features a filter right in the faucet so that you don't have the muss and fuss of a complete filtration system, and most faucets allow you to choose unfiltered water (for cooking) or filtered water (for drinking) which allows you to go a longer period of time without replacing the filter in the faucet head. Filter faucets are also great for those who are tired of paying the high price of bottled water and want an eco-friendly way to enjoy the bottled water taste at home. Filter faucets can remove almost 100% of the common impurities in both tap and well water that make it less than ideal for drinking, including chlorine and chlorine odors, as well as mineral buildup, bacteria, and more. Find your filter faucet in an array of various finishes and a plethora of price ranges at Faucet Depot.