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Residential Gas Water Heaters

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Choosing the Right Residential Gas Water Heater

Choosing a water heater that can fulfill the needs of your home can be challenging when you consider all of types currently available on the market. However, at one point or another, all homeowners will eventually have to wade through all of the styles and options to choose the one that will not only fulfill their needs, but do it as economically as possible. In this article we will help you make sense out of choosing the right gas water heater for your home.

Residential hot water heaters rank as the third largest energy user in a home, and can consume nearly 25% of the energy usage of the whole house. This consumption has a large effect on your total household budget. This is why it is so important to do some research when you need to purchase a new water heater, to make sure you choose one that will consume the least amount of energy, saving you the most amount of money over the life of the unit.

The storage tank water heater is still the most commonly used residential hot water heater in the United States. Most of us are familiar with the tall tanks that have a storage capacity of 20-80 gallons and are vented to the outside of the home.

Cold water enters the tank at the bottom where a flame heats the water. When needed, the water is supplied through the water pipes to the faucet from the top of the tank. This is called “standby loss,” and it is the biggest disadvantage of the residential hot water heater storage tanks. The greater the standby loss, the more energy will be needed to reheat the water, which in turn increases the operation cost of the storage tank to the homeowner.

Condensing Units
One of the technologies added to water heater tanks, are condensing units. Condensing units are based on a technology that draws as much heat as possible from the combustion process in order to heat the water inside the tank. They allow very little heat to be wasted in the combustion process. Tanks that include a condensing unit are much more efficient and provide hot water at a faster rate than tanks without them.

Choosing the right residential gas water heater for your needs doesn’t need to be difficult when you do your research and have an understanding of what your operation costs will be over the life of the unit.

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