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Jacuzzi History
It all started with oranges, yes, oranges. A couple of brothers, whose last name just happened to be Jacuzzi, were working with pumps and watering in the agricultural setting in 1920. Five years later, they came up with an idea, one that seemed too good to be true, for a pump, the hydraulic pump that would be so much more successful than anything anyone had ever seen. But, it was not until 1930, when they won an award at the California State Fair for their pump, that they finally were able to put it to good use.

The Jacuzzi we all know and love was not to be until a member of the Jacuzzi brother’s family needed hydrotherapy for pain. Being creative was their nature and hydraulics was their calling. They put together a portable hydrotherapy pump for their family member, the first Jacuzzi, in a long line of Jacuzzis, was created in 1956.
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The Jacuzzi brothers built a thriving family business around their wonderful pumps. One of their family members, Roy Jacuzzi, who had worked in the business starting as a young teen, patented the jets that were actually built into the tub in 1968. This was the creation of an industry that will forever be coupled with the name Jacuzzi.