Grohe Custom Showers

Splish, splash, it certainly is more fun than a bath. A GROHE Custom Shower is an elegant indulgence that can be enjoyed everyday. After all, you deserve it! GROHE shower products are specifically designed to turn a simple shower into a shower ”environment” built to your individual tastes, needs and lifestyle. Imagine being able to create your very own tailor-made shower – body sprays positioned to your own height or maybe you like the idea of a two-person shower, which is one of the latest trends in custom shower design. Whether you enjoy hand showers, shower heads, or body sprays...whether you prefer hard needle jets, soft bubbly champagne sprays, or an invigorating, soothing pulsator...whether you like a hot 102° shower or a cool 91° can have it all with a GROHE Custom Shower. If you can dream it, GROHE can make it happen.

Custom showers (or multiple-head showers as they are sometimes referred to) have been a cornerstone of the GROHE line for many years. In fact, GROHE was among the first to promote the concept almost 20 years ago.

How many showers can I combine?
Grohe's extensive range of products can all be combined in numerous ways to accommodate your custom shower. Do you require one or two hand showers? How many body sprays would you like, and where do you want to position them? Perhaps you would prefer one large over- head shower surrounded by lots of body sprays. The combinations are limited only by your imagination. Keep in mind, however, that your two restrictions are your water pressure and the maximum flow rate of the thermostat – your GROHE expert will be able to help you add up the flow rates of each individual shower piece and check that the total does not exceed the maximum capacity of the thermostatic valve.

Which thermostat should I choose? You should always use a GROHE thermostatic valve, for a safe and comfortable shower. Again, a GROHE shower expert can advise you on the best model to suit your requirements.

What about the drain?
It may seem obvious, but the more water your shower flows the larger the drain required. It could be that you'll need two drains to cope with the amount of water that needs to be carried away.

Will I have enough hot water?
This is determined by the capacity of your hot water tank. Check that your tank is big enough to handle the amount of hot water you'll need. Thereis no point in having a large number of water outlets if there's nothing but cold water after a couple of minutes. Make sure your water heater output is sufficiently matched to your showering habits.

How do I control all of the outlets?
Custom showers are generally designed with separate volume (on/off) controls for each outlet or bank of outlets. Typically, one for the showerhead, one for the hand shower and one for the body sprays.

Before you start planning your custom shower there are a few important things you should consider to ensure your new shower will work efficiently and be a pleasure to use.

Interested in piecing together a customer shower system from Grohe?
Give us a call and let us walk you through the entire process! Toll Free: 888.328.2389

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