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Revitalize your mind, body and soul with an exhilarating shower. Our technologically advanced designs deliver a range of sensations to create the shower of your dreams.

There’s nothing better than a refreshing shower first thing in the morning or last thing at night. At GROHE we recognize the benefits of water in terms of relaxation, enjoyment and well-being. Our outstanding shower designs each offer a myriad of features and benefits from our unique and advanced GROHE DreamSpray® technology – for an unbeatable sensory experience.

If you’re trying to make your shower go beyond the commonplace, the latest trend for shower environments includes shower panels, generous rain showers and walk-in wet rooms. Shower panels look great, are easy to install and comeequipped with a wide configuration of body jets and spray patterns. Oversized shower heads have really taken off as the focal point of any stylish shower, whether contemporary or traditional. Wet rooms meanwhile are the latest trend in chic showering – a modern alternative to shower cubicle and enclosures.

Exciting choices
In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. The shower you choose should offer a number of spray patterns, so you can pick the sensation that suits the state of your mind as well as your body. From a soothing Massage or Champagne pattern to a tension-releasing Jet spray, our showers all feature the latest GROHE DreamSpray®technology and are designed with you in mind – whatever you desire, if you can dream it, GROHE can make it happen.

Stylish solutions
From the ergonomic styling of our Relexa® Ultra and Movario® shower heads and hand showers to the clean lines of our Aquatower® shower panels,GROHE has a showering solution to complement every bathroom scheme. For a voluminous rain spray delivered direct to your bathroom, our breathtaking Rainshower® line is a must. Our Rainshower® hand-helds are available in two sizes and let you experience up to four exciting spray patterns. Or make a statement with the 16-inch wide Rainshower Jumbo showerhead – it features 252 tiny nozzles for shoulder to shoulder water coverage. If you’re after something tailor-made, then why not have indulge yourself and create your own custom shower? It’s way more fun than a bath.

Grohe Showers and Shower Systems - Popular Collections

Grohe Rainshower

Grohe Rainshower, Rainshower F-Series and Rainshower Next Generation, Rainshower Rustica

Grohe Rainshower
For a shoulder-to-shoulder rain spray perfect for beginning or ending your day, our breathtaking Rainshower shower heads are a must. The extra-wide, 16-inch diameter Rainshower Jumbo features an unprecedented total of 252 water nozzles arranged to provide full-body coverage with no “dry” zones. Both "standard" GROHE Rainshower options are over-sized, 8-inch diameter shower heads that feature 120 spray nozzles. The traditional yet clean look of the Retro Rainshower adds a touch of nostalgia to shower designs. For an adjustable Rainshower, choose the new 61/4” shower head, which features four spray patterns or our hand-held models. GROHE's Rainshower shower heads were designed to deliver outstanding shower performance even at lower water pressures. And, unlike other “rain” shower heads, GROHE Rainshowers feature the patented SpeedClean®anti-lime system and GROHE DreamSpray® technology. Shop Grohe Rainshower.

Rainshower F-Series
The Rainshower F-Series of shower heads and body sprays provides total freedom, affording consumers the flexibility to create their preferred interaction with water. The super-flat panels blend seamlessly into any environment, maximizing the showering space. Combined with a thermostat and hand shower from one of GROHE’s contemporary faucet lines, Rainshower F-Series creates a customized showering zone that adheres to the GROHE Sensual Minimalism philosophy – minimalist in design, yet comfortable, functional and enticing to use.27 288 F20 flush mount ceiling shower head.

Rainshower Next Generation
The new Rainshower collection presents high-performance GROHE DreamSpray®in a way which could revolutionize how people interact with showers. The combination of ground breaking aesthetics and bold iconic colours (chrome with evening gray, and moon-white with ecoGreen) enable the products to transcend into a new genre of hand showering. The super flat body with its humanized aesthetic entices interaction and creates an instant emotional
connection, while the uniquely shaped spray faces create a full-coverage, satisfying shower experience. Features include an Eco button on the handle, for easy reduction of water consumption, SpeedClean®nozzles, for effortless cleaning of the spray plate and GROHE DreamSpray® technology, for precise and even water distribution.

Grohe Relexa

Grohe Relexa, Relexa Rustic
Constant observation of evolving trends ensures that GROHE always delivers products that anticipate the future needs of our customers. As a result, we have introduced Rustic variants to our long-established collection of Relexa® showers. Featuring softer, more organic profiles along withGROHE DreamSpray®, both the hand shower and shower head deliver a choice of five perfectly designed spray patterns, resulting in a unique fusion of technology and tradition. Relexa® Rustic is available in the luminous shine of GROHE StarLight®chrome. For a more traditional look, choose from sterling InfinityFinishTM, brushed nickel InfinityFinishTM, or oil rubbed bronze.

Relexa Ultra

Relexa Ultra
Whether you need to freshen up mid-morning or unwind after a stressful day at work, Relexa Ultra shower heads, hand showers, and body sprays – featuring GROHE DreamSpray®technology – will take care of all your showering needs. With its slimline silhouette, and ergonomic styling, Relexa Ultra combines cool looks with exciting features. A choice of five different spray patterns allows you to select your ultimate combination to restore and rejuvenate your body. The advanced GROHE CoolTouch® technology creates a thermal barrier between the hot water and the surface of the hand shower. This prevents the finish from cracking and ensures it’s never too hot to handle. All Relexa Ultra shower products feature GROHE’s patented SpeedClean®anti-lime system. A firm wipe of the hand is all that is needed to loosen lime and calcium deposits to maintain “like-new” performance.

Grohe Amera
The luxurious Amera shower panel is a work of art in its own right. The exciting mix of frosted glass with a combination of hand shower, cylindrical shower head and four large body sprays - all with GROHE DreamSpray®- guarantees the ultimate showering experience. Simply select the desired water temperature and the built-in thermostat will do the rest. The convenient Aquadimmer controls water volume and the various combinations of shower outlets. Feeling good has never been so easy.
Grohe Aquatower

Grohe Aquatower 1000, 2000, and 3000

Aquatower 1000, 2000
Designed for maximum performance in a compact package, the Aquatower 1000 and 2000 deliver the luxury and
convenience of a custom shower to almost any shower enclosure. The easy-to-install shower system enhances the
functionality and value of a bathroom with minimal effort and without renovation headaches.

Featuring GROHE DreamSpray®technology, the Aquatower 1000 combines two individually adjustable multi-jet body sprays with the Tempesta Trio hand shower. The Aquatower 2000 includes a Sensia Top 4 hand shower, three body sprays, and a silky brushed-metal finish. Both systems include a thermostat valve for shower safety and ample water flow, an adjustable height shower bar, Aquadimmer transfer valve for shower outlet selection, and a shampoo/accessory tray.

Installation requires little more than connecting the unit to the hot and cold water supplies and attaching it to the shower wall using two screw-in anchor points.

Aquatower 3000
The luxurious Amera shower panel is a work of art in its own right. The exciting mix of frosted glass with a combination of hand shower, cylindrical shower head and four large body sprays - all with GROHE DreamSpray®- guarantees the ultimate showering experience. Simply select the desired water temperature and the built-in thermostat will do the rest. The convenient Aquadimmer controls water volume and the various combinations of shower outlets. Feeling good has never been so easy.

Our Aquatower 3000 features four multi-jet body sprays, with 24 separate jets for an extra large spray pattern. With GROHE DreamSpray®inside, the multi-function shower head offers a choice of sprays – perfect for an invigorating shower in the morning or a relaxing one at the end of the day. The best-selling Relexa hand shower provides a choice of spray patterns, while the inclusion of a thermostatic temperature control valve offers maximum comfort and safety.

Grohe Movario
With its versatile, ergonomic design and a choice of up to five luxurious spray patterns, the Movario hand shower brings all the benefits of a spa to the convenience of your bathroom. Thanks to its 360o RotaHead, Movario can also be used as a shower head or body spray for the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Featuring GROHE DreamSpray®technology, the Normal spray gives a full- bodied effect for a refreshing blast while the Champagne spray is a soft, aerated option with millions of tiny air bubbles for a gentle spritz. Jet spray is a vigorous pattern that stimulates the skin; for a more intense experience the Massage spray is a must. Even better – Rain spray will envelop your body with a soft caressing motion. The Movario shower head turns your daily shower into an extraordinary experience. Movario shower heads are available with all of the same spray pattern options as Movario hand showers and both feature GROHE’s patented SpeedClean®anti-lime system as well. To complete the “perfect” shower environment, Movario body sprays offer “all-over” water coverage in two models: the Massage version features a wide normal spray and a relaxing massage, pulsating spray; the Dual version features the same wide spray and a water-conserving “eco” setting. View the entire Grohe Movario collection.

Grohe Freehander
Grohe Freehander
Add a new level of freedom to your showering experience with Freehander. Its ingenious design enables you to switch from the showerhead to body spray position in one easy movement thanks to its pivoting shower arm. Two manually adjustable rotating showerheads, featuring GROHE DreamSpray® technology, offer a choice of two different spray settings – Normal, for cool refreshment or soothing relaxation; and Massage, to relieve tense muscles after a workout at the gym. It also incorporates Stop and Eco functions, saving both water and energy. So whatever your showering needs, Freehander gives you the freedom to choose.
Custom Solutions
Custom showers (or multiple-head showers as they are sometimes referred to) have been a cornerstone of the GROHE line for many years. In fact, GROHE was among the first to promote the concept almost 20 years ago.