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Alno History
ALNO Inc. started in Albert Nothdurft's workshop in 1927. During the following 30 years of the company, it increased in size on a continual basis and finally moved their operations to Pfullendorf, where it's still headquartered. It wasn't until 1958 when ALNO Moebelwerke GmbH & Company HG was formally launched. Over the next several decades, ALNO Company reached global acknowledgment for their bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinetry. ALNO became Europe's top market leader in 1995. Today, well over 800 employees that are stationed at the Pfullendorf facility craft finely fashioned ALNO bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinets of the greatest caliber. All throughout Europe and the rest of the world, ALNO's bathroom fixtures and kitchens are fundamental to family living.

ALNO now has ALNO USA, North America's marketing branch for ALNO AG, the leading maker of superior bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinetry in Europe. In 1979, ALNO AG which was started in Boston, MA, moved from a small bathroom fixture distribution company to a leading selling machine committed to establishing ALNO as the number one name brand in bathroom fixtures as well as kitchen innovation.

ALNO USA is split into four parts: Project Sales, which supplies and specifies the product of leading United States projects; Sales and Marketing that manages the development of ALNO in North America; and Public Relations; the face of ALNO USA and its cultural involvement.

ALNO promotes over fifteen different bathroom fixture models. From the Euro style to their Embassy design of towel bars and vanity glass shelves and mirrors, ALNO has what will fit the need and tastes for all of their clients and customers.