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Arrowhead Brass

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Arrowhead Brass History
A true American success story, Arrowhead Brass was started in the garage of founder Frank Enterante in 1936. His son, Lou, worked with his father and eventually took over and ran the business, until 1990, when he retired.

In the garage, Enterante started with just 2 simple hose bibs - a perfect example of true entrepreneurship and proof that the American dream can be realized. From that simple beginning, Arrowhead Brass has grown to include hydrants, drains, valves, faucets, and more. The bibs are still available, but there are more than just the original 2 the company started with in the garage.

One of the most important ideals that Arrowhead Brass has embraced is ‘Made in America.’ The company absolutely will not send the manufacturing or assembly jobs overseas, instead, they pride themselves in providing great jobs to great Americans.

They also refuse to cut corners on materials just to save a few bucks. The use of type ‘M’ copper, red brass and stainless steel is standard operating practice at Arrowhead Brass. Skilled craftsmanship and top of the line materials make for an excellent product.

Choosing cost saving measures that do not affect the consumer or the American worker, owning their own foundry and the use of automation creates proficiency from start to finish. The absence of middle managers at Arrowhead Brass means that ideas move more quickly through the chain of command. And, Arrowhead Brass is also working on the technological front to ensure that their customers can access their products, place and order, and expect delivery without delay.

Champion Irrigation purchased Arrowhead Brass in 2006, increasing the manufacturing base and making for a wider selection to the consumer. 

Hose bibs are still a standard item for Arrowhead Brass, but now you will find a more varied and specialized inventory, Frank Enterante would be impressed. Log lighters for both natural and propane gas, drainage connections and showerhead adapters are some of the more focused collections.

A new hose bib application with a built-in vacuum breaker is their latest patent. Called the Arrow-Breaker, this item will save builders a trip back to the jobsite to add the vacuum breaker, which was left off because they often become clogged.

Arrowhead Brass has a large assortment of valves and faucets. Categories such as frost-free faucets and pressure reducing valves make it simple to find just the right fixture for your circumstance. There are meter valves, washing machine valves, and even copper compression stop valves. There are many lawn faucets, yard hydrants and a sanitary roof hydrant.

But, they do not stop there. Arrowhead Brass offers close to 150 different repair kits and parts. Let’s face it, washers and o-rings wear out over time. Handles break and screws become stripped. With the vast array of replacement parts and repair kits, Arrowhead Brass makes it easy to save money by not having to replace an entire fixture.