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Brasscraft History
BrassCraft is a Masco Company, which is a plumbing manufacturing and supply company headquartered in the United States. They are the leading maker of gas plumbing and water supply products for the remodeling, repair, and new construction markets.

In Detroit, Michigan, in 1946 is the birthplace of BrassCraft from its founder, Robert Zell. BrassCraft perfected and introduced the flexible copper water system tube as well as the one-piece water system valve. Nowadays, these unique products have become the industry standard for commercial and residential plumbing projects.

Water Supplies
From water supply connectors to one-quarter turn stops, BrassCraft is the unmatched source for a complete line of high caliber water supplies. They also provide a complete line of water connector supplies to accompany the stops. If it is either the Braided Speedi Plumb® PLUS connectors, Reinforced Vinyl, Soft Copper, or PEX, BrassCraft will have what you require for any job.

The Speedi Plumb® PLUS connector – specifically designed for a longer life that deals with harsher circumstances. Speedi Plumb is highly reliable, highly flexible, and corrosion resistant and is intended for use with humidifiers, ice makers, compact water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and faucets.

Special Finish
As well as BrassCraft’s modern PVD lustrous brass finish, they offer Chromium Steel PVD. A few other types of finishes that BrassCraft offers are Coated Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, or White. These finishes are acquirable on a range of BrassCraft products including bath accessories, kitchen accessories, P traps/box escutcheons, component parts, toilet/faucet supply kits, connectors, and water supply stops.

Gas Plumbing Items
BrassCraft chromium steel gas connections have an advanced erosion repellent coating named ProCoat®. ProCoat is made of a patented polymer, and the finish is particularly engineered to reject the erosive effects of abrasive chemicals found in many masonry products, plumbing repair, and household cleaning products. Approved for outdoor and indoor use, connectors with the ProCoat finish are developed to reject the unpleasant effects of salt and ultra violet rays.

When you do not want to see the connector, BrassCraft’s black ProCoat gas connectors are nearly inconspicuous, which makes them perfect for decorative hearths and gas log fire places wherever you would like to see the fire, and not the gas piping.

The high flow, ultra-flexible enlarged diameter chromium steel gas connector with the coating of ProCoat® is specifically engineered for large demand BTU requirements gas appliances such as pool heaters, manufactured houses, furnaces, boilers, and commercial and tank-less water heaters.

The BrassCraft category of Safety PLUS® surplus flow valves includes applications from both appliance and meter. The appliance surplus flow valve aids in the protection of the home from gas line breaks between the appliance and the stub out. The meter surplus flow valve aids in the protection of the home from gas line breaks in the home’s piping system, from the stub out to the meter. BrassCraft’s durability in production creations and product line variety, as well as a continuous dedication to extraordinary customer service and merchandise superiority, has made their products the brand name that pros universally have trusted for well over sixty years.