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Brondell History
An English architect in 1738 named John F. Brondel, originated the very first flush valve toilet. Mr. Brondel's conception used a valve to ascertain the quantity of water by a single flush from the press of a lever.

John Brondel's innovational thinking constructed toilets that are more sanitary and allowed for the "out-house" toilets of the past to be finally be integrated in the home. Mr. Brondel's creation over two centuries ago has powerfully shaped the toilet as we know it these days.

Brondell, Inc., established since 2003, was in fact named after John F. Brondel, is a privately held developer of quality and innovative bathroom products. Brondell, Inc. currently based out of San Francisco, California, presently sells one of the award winning "first-of-its-kind" Breeza deodorizing toilet seats and the Swash hi-tech toilet seat throughout Canada and the United States.

The Brondell Swash is an extremely operational toilet seat that allows users unique and comfort. Featuring wireless remote control, warm air dryer, heated seat, and posterior washing system, the Swash toilet in 2007, was the recipient American Building Products (ABS) award.

Contrary to some other toilet seat in the marketplace, the Breeza and the Breeza Warming Seats have an innovational conception and a patent pending four stage deodorizing arrangement that automatically annihilates bathroom odors at the source. 

The Breeza and Swash lines reverberate Brondell's dedication to superiority production design. Durable, compact, and sleek, the Brondel's products deliver cleanliness and comfort to old and young alike, setting new standards for personal hygiene and luxury in a bathroom.