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Caroma History
In 1941, Charles Rothauser founded the Caroma Company. The company’s technological and production innovation began in late 1945 when Mr. Rothauser invented the very first injection molded transfer. After this was invented, Caroma developed the very first plastic hypodermic syringes. Caroma then developed the all plastic cistern, which won many awards for the company.

The Caroma Company is one of Australia’s foremost manufacturer, designer, and distributor of commercial and domestic bathroom and sanitary-ware products. At the forefront of innovation, Caroma is the worldwide market juggernaut in decreased flush water efficiency sanitary-ware. GWA International Limited owns the whole subsidiary of Caroma, which is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. It has many diverse interests that include Toilet Seats, Two-Piece Toilets, Urinals, Gainsborough Hardware, Clark Sinks, Dorf Tap ware, Dux Water Heaters, Rover Mowers, and Seibel Furniture. GWA currently employs more than 2,100 people.

The history of Caroma Company’s product and design leadership has been reached by complete commitment to their research and development throughout all areas of high quality technical and aesthetics excellence. By continued innovation, Caroma continually provides the most inclusive range of smart, stylish, high quality, and reliable bathroom products throughout the world. Caroma offers a complete bathroom answer that includes various tap ware, basins, toilet suites, and commercial and residential products.

Research and development has been the main focus of Caroma to extend their efforts to extent their very successful Smartflush dual flush sanitary ware and their Water Efficient Tap ware (W.E.T.) technology in many products in today’s marketplace. Along with their thorough research and development work, Caroma has ensured that each of their high quality products are in compliance with the Australian Government’s Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards Scheme (WELSS) that began on July 1, 2006.

Caroma Company has very recently introduced two new urinal systems, which are leaders in water saving technology. The Smartflush Caroma Cube 0.8 liter Urinal is one of Australia’s premiere six star rated urinal systems that uses 60% less water compared to the typical 2 liter stall module. The H2Zero Urinal Cube changes the way that you think about waterless urinals and brings about a significant breakthrough in waterless technology. The H2Zero is the very first sustainable and viable high performance option for water conservation.

Top environmental ingenuity leader
For some time now, Australia has gone through record breaking droughts. With many cities gaining in population size, it is easy to understand why the demands for water conservation are at the forefront of people’s minds. The general community, water authorities, and governments strive for long term answers. As the restrictions of water slowly tighten, it is now a reminder that everyone needs to work together to preserve this valuable resource for future generations.