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Ceco History
Founded in 1928, CECO is a privately run company that started operation in Los Angeles, California. Today, CECO moved their headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Huntington Park, California. The CECO products consist of various types of cast iron porcelain plumbing fixtures. CECO’s proficiency includes high quality, established manufacturing process, a distribution network on a wholesale level, ability to custom design products by color, and the capability to promptly deliver the items to their customer. With years of lengthy experience and the seeded desire to stay as a privately run company, CECO developed a status of their ability to effectively deliver and produce high superiority plumbing fixtures and accessories. CECO owns their own personal enameling and foundry operations, which provides exceptional first rate control of enameled and cast products.

Throughout the years, CECO has manufactured products for the greater part of the American plumbing fixture Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or producers. CECOs manufactures cast iron enameled plumbing fixtures for the American Standard Company after the closing of their foundry located in Louisville, Kentucky. The bulk of their cast iron products, both residential and commercial, were for five years supplied by CECO. CECO presently constructs cast iron products for HAWS.

CECO’s vast production catalog includes lavatory sinks, exquisite kitchen and bathroom fixtures, commercial service sinks and cast iron kitchen sinks and even cast iron lavatory sinks. Throughout the years on a national level being very successful commercially, the CECO’s products for residential installation and use have been quite flourishing. For more than seventy five years, CECO’s offering of products has expanded to include designs and sizes most other companies simply cannot offer. CECO implemented an expansion program and will continue to grow in the years to come.