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FasNSeal History
FasNSeal, a division of ProTech, Inc., had celebrated in February, 2005, their 20th anniversary. The company dates back to the late 1970s where millions of wood heaters were bought in the United States to allay the high energy costs at that time. The president, Martin Wawrla, saw the need to upgrade mason chimneys to meet the requirements of air tight heaters to offset losses from potential house or chimney fires.

While in cooperation with the American Boa Company located in Cumming, GA, Mr. Wawrla developed lining systems for chimneys called Ventinox, in early 1982.

To further research additional products, Mr. Martin formed the ProTech Systems, Inc., in 1985, continuing their long term joint venture with American Boa.

To contain production of their FasNSel division, a 20,000 square foot building was constructed in 1996, to provide a quicker growth for this soon to be successful company. As of today, FasNSeal earns a respectable acceptance in the Ventilation and Heating market. FasNSeal features a locking band, built-in gasket that is provided in each ventilation component. The installation time is literally cut in half, and installation error is also greatly reduced.

In 2005, FasNSeal expanded again by opening a 14,500 sq. ft. warehouse facility. All of the shipping functions were moved into the new warehouse where it has doubled their production area.

Currently, FasNSeal is in a growth mode with their innovated products and expects their research into more specialized products for the Ventilation and Heating market.