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Geberit History
Since their beginnings back in 1874, the Geberit Company is one of the European and global market leaders in the area of sanitary technology. Since their inception the Geberit Group has been a trendsetter in the bathroom sector, while constantly setting newer trends with their comprehensive solutions and their innovative talents.

In over 35 different countries, Geberit operates its fully staffed sales departments, concentrating sales on the major European market with greater growing opportunities located primarily in Eastern and Central Europe, South Asia, China, the United Kingdom, and all of North America. To properly serve these particular markets, several local centers have been set up in Chicago, Illinois as well as Shanghai, China. Geberit has over 15 production centers in six different countries, while the chief production facilities are located in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The range of products that Geberit offers is typically designed to be used in newer buildings and even modernization and renovation projects. They have six separate production lines in two areas of Sanitary Systems: Supply Systems and Building Drainage Systems. The Geberit name brand products that they produce are ecologically efficient, durable, and innovative and provide higher end sanitary solutions to installers, plumbers, and retailers. Geberit trains well over 30,000 sanitary architects and engineers and plumbers to completely understand the Geberit software tools and systems. The training will take place at the 23 different company’s info centers overseas and in Europe. This results in that 30,000 of Geberit’s customers will know and understand how to use the products when the encounter them in the field.

Geberit, in 2007, had generated CHF 2.5 billion in sales volume and has 5,500 employees in over 30 countries worldwide, there 1,000 of the employees are out of Switzerland. The headquarters is located in Rapperswill-Jona and since 1999, they have been continually listed on the Swiss Exchange.