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Grundfos History
Based out of Denmark, Grundfos is the biggest manufacturer of pumps and employs more than 17,500 people throughout the world. The yearly manufacturing of over 11 million pump items, Centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and circulator pumps is about half of the market share for these types of pumps. Grundfos also manufactures electronic motors for said pumps including a large amount of electronic motors for different products. Also, Grundfos sells and develops high tech electronics for pumps and other miscellaneous systems.

Grundfos is represented in all parts of the world as a big supplier of pump solutions and pumps.

In Bjerringbro, Grundfos was started by Poul Due Jensen in 1945. Mr. Jensen first named the company Bjerringbro Die-Casting and Machine Factory. It wasn’t until late 1967, after going through numerous name changes, the company settled for their current name, Grundfos.

In 1975, as a self governing organization, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation was started. As of today, the organization owns approximately 85%, the staff approximately 3%, and the Jensen family, around 13% of the total shares in Grundfos AG. The aim of the organization is to enlarge and strengthen the financial basis of the repetitive development of Grundfos. The profits and capital of the organization or used only for the growth of the organization, which profits are re-invested in all of the Grundfos Company. Grundfos AG is the largest shareholder in the whole association of the Grundfos corporation.

The circulator pump is used for air conditioning, ventilation and heating in hotels, office buildings, and small homes. In the industry these pumps are utilized in processes in areas of plant maintenance and other imperative components in Original Equipment Manufacture goods. In the wastewater and water supply area, Grundfos provides a large array of various pumps for industrial and private, municipal, green houses, and irrigation water supply, including septic tank application uses.

In all parts throughout the globe, many companies are represented by the Grundfos Group. Also, the Grundfos products are sold by a variety of distributors in more than 40 countries. One such active country that Grundfos operates in is China.

Hilge was integrated into the Grundfos group, which is a producer for pumps in sterilized applications in 2006.

Grundfos announced on December 1, 2007, that it purchased the United States manufacturer, Peerless Pump Company. Peerless is a United States based producer of fire protection systems and pumps with more than 375 employees and yearly sales of $110 million USD. Peerless is the biggest acquisition to date for Grundfos. Grundfos maintains its insistent growth approach throughout North America.

Traditionally, Grundfos has associated huge importance to research and development. Grundfos, in 1985, established its own electronics manufacture unit and it wasn’t until 1991, when Grundfos Electronics was introduced to the public.