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Paul Decorative

Paul Decorative History
Jerry and Stanley Paul opened their own builders and decorative hardware business enterprise in 1958, after running similar businesses for another owner for many years. They had found an area to make a working showroom in Manhattan, NY, and then went out to sell hardware that was imported from all over the world.

While the business grew during the 1960’s, the Paul’s still wanted to expand on their products that they offered to their customers. The Paul’s discovered a want for plumbing fixtures that could be more than the practical ones that they sold to their customers, and designed a newer, modern looking kitchen faucet. The demand of the new faucet was overwhelming, and they continued to adapt handles to coordinate with this new faucet.

During the 1970s, their brand grew quickly as the Paul’s moved into a bigger showroom in Manhattan. Paul Decorative had a unique existence in the industry that solidified their niche of unique faucet designs that they created. Their designs were not made from brass or zinc casings, but from bars of brass. Several of the products received design accolades and awards for their one of a kind originality and style.

Paul Decorative experienced large growth in the 1980s, when they opened additional showrooms in Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and a production warehouse in Long Island City, New York. Many larger commercial faucet makers saw the value of the higher end residential market; these manufacturers contracted Paul Decorative to manufacture and design faucets for their residential products.

During that time, Gary and Richard, sons of Stanley, joined the engineering and sales capacities, while Jerry’s son, Jon, began in their sales department too.

Paul Decorative introduced The Greenwich Collection, a newer product line that complements their original line, The Custom Line. This new line took over the mid range priced faucets and bathroom accessories market to counteract the increase in competition, while other businesses imitated the designs that Paul Decorative had introduced throughout the last ten years. Paul Decorative sold their showrooms to localized distributors, so they could focus on manufacturing and designing their unique products.

Jerry and Stan Paul managed the conversion of Paul Decorative to their sons during the 1990s. It was during this time their sons first objective was to create a new product line, Paul Classics that included fair priced faucets, hardware, and accessories to the mix.

Throughout the 1990’s, Stanley and Jerry oversaw the conversion of the company to their sons whose first objective was to develop the company’s next product line, Paul Classics. This new line added mid-priced hardware, conventional faucets, and accessories to their product lines. Their second objective was to automate the mechanized process with modernized computer controlled equipment.

Gary, Jonathan, and Richard launched another line of higher quality bath accessories, faucets, and hardware that targeted the hotel industry, during the 2000s. Their newest product line was called The Millennium Collection, which manufactured the products exclusively in America.