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Perfecto History
Perfecto started in a shop located in Canoga Park, California in 1948. Perfecto was a one-man business that was started by Leon Thomas.

It wasn’t until 1957 where Leon sold his company to John Morgan. Throughout WWII, Morgan had entered the Navy’s V12 program and also graduated with a Mechanical Engineers degree from CIT (California Institute of Technology). When John was released from the military, he began to look for ways to start his own business. After a couple of years working for C.F. Braun, Perfecto was on the market. John then purchased the company and began its operations.

Morgan moved the company to an industrial park located in El Monte, California. Perfecto prospered and grew until he relocated the company once more to Fullerton, California, where it’s still in the same location today.

Perfecto’s first and only product at the time was a joint runner. The joint runner is used to close off the spigot joint and bell in a cast iron pipe where melted lead could be poured easily into the joint. For years, thousands of these joint runners were sold each month as well as a version called the Thomas Joint Runner that was designed by Thomas himself.

It wasn’t long until unfavorable aspects of lead soon became an issue regarding health. Rather than going the same way as lead caulked joints, Morgan started to look for more items. He finally settled on targeting the repair and plumbing service market as his company began to quickly manufacture tools to make the job of a plumber quicker and easier. Many of his ideas came from the plumbers that he often worked with as his customers. Morgan often went and listened to the plumber’s various jobs and tasks. A few of the earlier tools he developed, the Right Angle Wrench and the Hydrodrill are still popular and still in use to this day.

During the mid 1960s, Morgan found another company that manufactures “diapers” for pipes mad out of concrete. This South Carolina company needed a person or company to handle the western coast states. Morgan then began the Industrial Specialty Company and located the company in El Monte, California to help supply water to pipelines in Southern California.

Around 1970, Morgan bought C.W. Cox, Inc. from his brother in law. This company manufactured and sold water measuring flow instruments that were used to determine the effectiveness of the many water pumping stations throughout Southern California. This company also sells and manufactures flow meters to many commercial swimming pool areas.

As of today, Morgan’s grandson Dan, his son Ken, and his daughter Janet, have taken over the company’s operations. The three continue to oversee that Perfecto continually adds new state of the art tools to their product lines and listens to their plumber customers.