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Reed History
In 1896, Reed Manufacturing began its operations. The company produces tools for professional trades such as plumbing. The company was purchased in 1902 by Reuben Wright, and the company continues the operations that are run by Wright’s descendents. Reed’s continued success is featured by their quality and excellence with their employees who are all responsible to commit to extraordinary service and performance. Using active management and profit sharing available for all Reed employees continues on to further the success of the company.

Quality and Product Development
In 2009, Reed will celebrate 113 years in business. From the beginning, Reed employees have manufactured and invented various tools, which have become standards in the industry. Many of these tools are the Hinged and Rotary tools used to cut large diameters of pipe, the Quick Release Cutter, and many other tools for vises, and plastic pipes. Recent tool additions in the past few years are the Ratchet Sockets and Wrench used for larger diameter pipes and Feed Tap drills used for various drilling machinery.

Reed Company commits to provide superior customer service in their industry. Reed’s primary goal is to ship out 98% of completed orders within three business days. Many of the inside sales staff are trained with outside sales representatives , they all understand and know the industry and the tools, so they will be able to readily answer any questions their current or prospective customers. Reed Company also continues to strive for superior customer service by expediting all rush orders on the day they are receipted in to the company. All of Reed’s employees including Manufacturing Representatives and Regional Managers all work together with one another to continually provide superior service to their tool users and distributors.

Reed’s secret of increasing and continuing success is attributed to their corporate level of quality of their associates who all are individually responsible to providing exceptional service and performance. With proactive management styles, the Reed service, products, and employees continually excel in the future.