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Rems Tools

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Rems Tools History
A subsidiary of Fastfix, Rems Tools is a supplier of tools that have been in operation in Southwest England for almost twenty years.

Rems Tools is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of tools and machines for pipe installations. Rems Tools developmental engineers turn ideas into reality, by using modernized products that will ease up the daily routines of the pipe installer professional.

Rems Tools Production
All of the tools that Rems Tools manufacture are manufactured in their Germany plant near Stuttgart. Their manufacturing facility has state of the art equipment as well as modern facilities that are readily available for research and development, quality control, and production. Their team of employees have unmatched levels of knowledge and experience that is essential in the manufacturing of Rems Tools’ superior line of quality tools.

Quality performance is at the forefront for everything that Rems Tools manufactures. The company constantly monitors each aspect of their business to meet or exceed requirements before their company name is stamped onto each one of their products. All of Rems Tools products conform to all EU directives and European standards, as well as each tool is independently tested by exterior agencies to meet their high standards.

Rems Tools Steel Hardening
Rems Tools hardens the steel to be used in the manufacture of their tools in their own heat treatment facility in Stuttgart. By using the correct hardness of steel, will assist in promoting long life for the tools that they manufacture. The proper and correct hardening of the steel that they use is crucial. If the steel is too soft, the tools will have a shorter than normal life, and if the steel is too hard, the tool will break too easily because of the brittleness of the steel.

Rems Tools heat treating process is fully monitored and automated throughout the process with constant computer recordkeeping to ensure that their tools maintain a uniformity of their high quality products.

Rems Tools Service
Rems Tools manufacture machines and tools for professionals in their respected trades such as the plumbing industry. Rems Tools understands that high demands are required and they take their own responsibility for their products directly to their customers. Rems Tools backs up their product lines with quick delivery to keep the professionals constantly working at their respective work sites.

Rems Tools stocks over 9,500 products at their centralized warehouse to make certain that all replaceable parts are readily available at all times. This is a service that will keep down time to a minimum.

Rems Tools operates a network of approved customer workshops for professional repair services. Rems Tools train and qualify their staff to maintain and repair all of their tools for their customers.