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Rohl History
Set up in 1983 and grounded in sincere family values, integrity, trust, and innovation, the Rohl’s have an energizing enterprising passion and attitude regarding customer service that expands throughout the entire company. The Rohl’s company strength hails from the synergism of friendship and family in partnership with their customers and suppliers.

A Vision to Be Realized
Like any big businessman, Ken Rohl began with imaginativeness and vision. Mr. Rohl was the first one to discover a specific change for a brand new product design: the pull out kitchen faucet. The pull out kitchen design conception has modified the United States kitchen faucet forever. With a genuine enterprising heart, Mr. Rohl worked tirelessly distributing and selling faucets from the trunk of his car and working out of converted bedroom office in his house. As his sales quickly grew, Ken Rohl saw that he required assistant.

Rohl – A Family Affair
Detecting the vast possibilities, Lou Rohl, Ken Rohl's middle son, promptly hopped on board originally, Lou was sent to Europe to fashion tighter alliances with Rohl's suppliers. After coming back to California, he added to all facets of the small business from shipping to accounting. Lou Rohl later on built up the entire Western Regional Sales division of ROHL and moved to San Francisco, California. Now, Lou is the Managing Partner/Chief Operating Officer at the Irvine main office.

Mark Rohl, Ken's oldest son, started his vocation in hospitality sales with the Marriott Hotels, but shortly joined up with Lou and their father in the beginning stages of the company's development. The cardinal markets in the Northeast section of the United States were ready with opportunity for domestic expansion. Subsequently, after myriad cross country flights, Mark Rohl made a lasting Eastern United States front by opening an office in the heart of New York City. Mark Rohl, today, is the President of the Eastern United States Division based out of New York.

Ken's third and youngest son, Greg, began his career with the company in its 10th year of operations. Greg brought with him marketing and plumbing related retail experience. Greg also took part in merchandise developing as well as the creation of new concept designs in the plumbing market. Greg Rohl is now the President of the Western United States Division based out of San Francisco, California.

As well as opening brand new warehouse locations in Dallas, Texas and Irvine, California, ROHL opened their very first international office based out of Milan, Italy in 2004, where Paula Manini works as a liaison with the Continental European suppliers and manufacturers.

Excellence in Plumbing
ROHL continues to offer products well beyond their original pull out faucet. ROHL today includes a full range of extraordinary high quality fixtures and faucets. Sourced from North America, Western Europe, and New Zealand, each product is crafted to ROHL's demanding specs and uniquely customized for the resort, hotel, or American home.

From day first day of operations, ROHL has asserted a doctrine of exclusive distribution. ROHL's products are exclusively found in only fine bath and kitchen showrooms nationwide. These high end retail surroundings allow for ample space to fully experience the ROHL product. Professional advisors are also on hand to assist and guide you in selecting the most befitting fixtures and faucets.