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Speakman History
The noticed leader in specific superior electronic faucets and plumbing fittings, Speakman Company initiated water bearing safety gear more than fifty years ago, and was responsible for the market shift into modern day showering well over seventy five years ago. As of today, the Speakman Company faucets product line is famous for its consistent durability, unique innovation, and unsurpassable quality.

The Speakman Company was established in 1869 by brothers, Allen and Joseph Speakman. Their business started out as a smaller steam fitting and plumbing shop. During the 1870's, Mr. Allen Speakman, the then president of the company, ascertained a continual bother to be not able to acquire the essential plumbing supplies at a local level. Allen Speakman then figured out the problem by embarking into the plumbing wholesale supply business. It wasn't until 1889, twenty years later, the Speakman Supply and Pipe Company formally incorporated the company and streamlined the name by reducing it to its name as we see today, The Speakman Company.

Between World War I and World War II, The Speakman Company's growth carried on. In the years after the Second World War, the booming expansion and operation of the Speakman Company carried on. The Speakman's debut into the commercial safety equipment area was attained with the output of their emergency showers for all progressive industrial plants.

It wasn't until 1968, Mr. Willard A. Speakman III, became the Speakman Company's fourth President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2001, Speakman Company founded three separate Autonomous Speakman Business Units for Shower Products, Plumbing Solutions, and Safety Equipment. The Plumbing Solutions Business (PSB) Unit provides specialized faucets (such as metering faucets and drinking faucets) and showers mainly to the commercial market. The Safety Equipment Business (SEB) Unit supplies emergency showers and eyewashes as well as combination faucet eyewash services and merchandise. The Shower Products Business (SPB) Unit offers a wide variety of hand held showers, showerheads, and accessories for hotel, residential, and even the commercial markets.

In 2002, a 5th generation family member, Rodman Ward, joined the Speakman Company as their fifth President, whilst Willard A. Speakman continued as an active Chairman of the Board.

After ninety-six years with its chief location on 30th street in Wilmington, Delaware. In 2003, the Speakman Company decided to move their operations over to Twin Spans Business Park, located in New Castle, Delaware where they still remain in operation.