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Swanstone History
For over forty years, Swanstone has been making modern, affordable and innovative firm materials and surface products for buyers all throughout the globe. Swanstone began business in 1964, when they first brought out the SwanShell Shower, a shell-shaped door less shower that captivated the style of its time.

Swanstone’s ShellShower was only the beginning in a wide variety of master bath and kitchen products from Swanstone, including the famous CircleShower and the manufacture's 1st non-ceramic tile wall system for the bathtub.

In 1987, Swanstone brought Swanstone out to the people, beginning with a product line of bowls and vanity tops. Swanstone promptly became recognized for their commanding impact durability, ability to resist stains and scratches, and heat resistance. Potential customers now had a durable and refined firm material surface that was as well inexpensive.

Since then, Swanstone has expanded their line to include an extensive assortment of kitchen sinks, shower walls, tubs and countertops. In 1994, Swanstone Company brought out the Swanstone 1/4" program that offers more flexibility to their customer base. In 1997, Swanstone Company then brought out a full product line of Swanstone items for the restaurant industry, which includes vanity tops, mop service sinks, tabletops, countertops, and windowsills.

The Swanstone Company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and having manufacturing factories in Centralia, Illinois.