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InSinkErator Water Heaters

These electric storage water heaters fit almost anywhere -- under a sink or in a cabinet. If you only need hot water at one location, a conventional water heating installation can be quite costly. You need space for a bulky water heater and its required plumbing -- including two long pipe runs for hot and cold water. And you waste money every time you have to run the water until it reaches the desired temperature.

An InSinkErator® compact water heater is a much better solution. It efficiently heats water at the point-of-use, so there's no wait and no waste. And it can be installed anywhere you have a standard electrical outlet.

You'll find that for restrooms, wet bars, food serving areas, offices and service stations -- virtually anywhere hot water is called for -- an In-Sink-Erator compact water heater quickly becomes indispensable.

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